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Old School Desk - maybe 15 years old

Does anyone know where I can find info on or does anyone have info on the Inkel MX-1600 professional audio mixer with external power supply?

I own this model, bought it off my boss like three years ago - he was a welshman and had brought it to NZ with the ambition of setting up a production studio - never happened.

The desk is worth using, sub mixing instruments and what not (probably has crap pre's and dodgy phantom) - it's in good nic and would be perfect for me to use in my intial onslaught into the local recording local scene.

Does anyone own one? Or know where I can view info on it?
It's prooved impossible finding decent info on the net



Member Wed, 05/17/2006 - 02:27
Guys - Thanks for responses.

I haven't examined the inside - may just do that to see. Not so great to hear it's a 'budget' of Bose - then again I only paid $500 NZD four years ago. Spose that amounts to about 180 pounds, and you get what you pay for.

Anyway - the PDF site I have stumbled accross before. I haven't plunged into buying a manual of there as it does look a bit dodgy. And I figure maybe the best way to find out it's capabilities is just to run it!

Anyone else reading this has any idea's, sing out!


Member Thu, 05/25/2006 - 23:16
I'm sure Tim is a guy who's knowledgable - but I can't force the man to talk..

Where in NZ are you... if you haven't moved to Austrailia yet...

No Issue man don't be red faced about that! It was all part of the mish to find the right supplier of Inkel - Inter-M America have replied to an email bu said all they could do was forward it because they didn't have information at thier branch on products of past... so waiting for a response from Korea.

On that note I contacted my local sound gear hireage place and the hire manager has been in past bands and also involved in a lot of studio installs - he has given me the name of the business that is the agent for Inter-M so there's another great avenue to explore.



Member Mon, 05/22/2006 - 01:06
Hey Tim! A site thats has more than just German on it! I had a gander at the site and it has way more info about Inkel than any other site I've disected.

I found a PDF manula for an MX-1100 which is guess it the same principal except mine has 16 channels not 11. It certainly looks the same as mine!

Interesting - I'll flick an email to that Inter-M company and see if they can give the background! I think we found the history though!


moonbaby Mon, 05/15/2006 - 07:16
Have you opened the desk up and examined the guts? I have not heard of that manufacturer, and I was really into pro audio sales back then. It is possible that this mixer was made by someone else (Yamaha and Peavey both made products that carried different name badges during that period), and you can check that out by looking at the circuit boards in them. You may see a company logo or some other tell-tale sign. Then again, there were a LOT of boards made during the late 80s/early 90s that carried funny off-brand names. Good luck!