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I wonder if somebody can direct me.

I have a fw1884 and also a focusrite isa428 that i would like to get the ad card for.

My question is, the fw1884 has only one optical adat in and spdif stereo in, assuming that one adat connector can only do 8 channels at 44.1k could I just hook up one of the adats and still get 4 channels at 96k?

And if I wanted to get all 8 channels what would you reccomend for other hardware? Maybe something from emu, just to be-able
to utilize all 8 channels. By that I meant hooking one adat out from the 428 to the fw1884 and the other into anouther interface-like emu.

How would you guys normally do this?

Thanks for your help.

anonymous Thu, 10/27/2005 - 23:43

If I remeber correctly the 1884 will do 96k x 4. I just purchased a 428 today and will be getting the digital card next week for it. I also have a 1884. The pres are ok on the 1884 but as I have been upgrading my gear I really have a hard time with the pres in the tascam.

I will be purchasing a second 428 soon and linking them so I can have 8 428 pre's going out digital from the AD card. I am not sure if I am going to pass them through the 1884 or start looking at come kind of card for my mac. I was thinking the RME card with 3 ADAT ins. I need 16 pre's when track bands so I was thinking about 4 428's for 16 channels of Focusrite pre's or maybe changing it up and getting 8 channels of API but that will be a bit of $$.

I want to only use the 1884 along with my 4 FE8's for control and omit using the pre's. man this stuff gets so confusing some times.

Eriksmusicproduction Fri, 10/28/2005 - 13:16

Thanks for the reply pixelhead!

4 fe8's, I'm jealous. Must make it nice for mixing.

Would you forsee any problems if I was to buy anouther card that has only one adat in and ran one adat into it and the other into the fw1884? Or should I save some headaches and buy something with more adat capability? Which rme card are you looking at?

Sorry for the long windedness, it's hard to find any info on this stuff. Thanks.