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Mic for rap vocals... (uh7k pre)

I've already read all the threads but want to start another to address my specific questions. I am using a uh7000 and am keeping my st69 tube.

I've already owned:
-c214 (liked it)
-ksm42 (sometimes I liked it but wasn't my fav)
-at4047 (didn't really like it that much)
-st69 (sometimes I LOVE it sometimes not as much)

Okay so I'm looking for one of these and am apprehensive hence the thread you see here:

Behringer X1222USB Mix-Minus Inputs/Outputs


Hope this is the right place.

So for five years I have had a successful mix minus set up like this:

Phone call comes into mixer on L/R channels on mixer (Channels 7/8), I have the cable going back to the phone line from the SEND output so the caller can hear me, with the correct control knob turned down so they don't hear themselves - is that the best way to do it?

Pointers for Recording Acoustic Violin (first time)

Hello Recording Gurus,

I am (primarily) a classical violinist and newbie when it comes to microphones and all things audio/technical. I am looking for pointers for recording acoustic violin and piano (steinway grand). I'll be recording in a small recital hall with wonderful acoustics (and a good amount of reverb). Also, I have access to a number of different microphones as well as any other relevant equipment that would be needed to produce an EP (preamps, etc).

Analog Recording with a Tascam 424 mark III

Trying to find instructions for analog recording online has been a dead end for me so I’m reaching out here.

My set up is simple:
Mic’d guitar
And mic’d vocal
Goes into Midas DM12 mixer
(All the basic outs are used for PA)

Then I have a Tascam 424 mark III four track recorder and I want to capture this “mix” from the remaining RECORD OUT RCA connection that goes into my Tascam SUB INPUT RCA input.

Lockdown Blues

I recorded this quite recently in my studio. Guitars were played into the Kemper Profiler DI.

The Hammond C3 and Leslie was fed into a power attenuator in order to drop the volume and enable the organ to be cranked for some grind. We miced the Leslie with two Shure SM98 mini condensor mics.

Bass was played through a Sansamp DI.

Live Streaming And Pre-Recording Events.

I am recently retired (mostly) and living in a rural community in Nova Scotia. We have/had a very active arts scene that punched far above our demographic, drawing audiences from ~150kms. All indoor venues are small (50~200 seats) but manage a few outdoor festivals each year that attract 500~5,000. Being the solo tech guy, and supplying all of the gear, I try to promote as many shows as I can while walking the technical and financial tightrope.

My retirement plan is to only promote and tech shows that bring me more joy than grief. Good luck with that.

Welcome Paul Smith

Hey everyone,

I am happy to announce Paul Smith, owner of Smith Music and Smith Consulting "just north of Edmonton AB" as our new A/V forum moderator. Paul and his staff work with large touring acts in the US and Canadian Hall Of fame acts through recording, stage management and production.
His company specializes in video content creation for corporate, government and nonprofit organizations which is why he fits perfectly for our new A/V forum, something we should have had here for years already!

Paul also specializes in:

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