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Vocal booth set up help!


I am setting up a place to record in my basement. I want to know if my idea is flawed and going to have negative repercussions when it’s all put together. I know there are gives and takes of everything and part of the reason I’m setting it up this way is necessity however if it’s going to cause more issues than help I would like to avoid it.

Recording acoustic guitar using Zoom R16

I'm working on recording acoustic guitar and vocals using my zoom R16 track recorder. transferring them to Cubase 5 then editing, mixing mastering etc... My issue is getting my Acoustic Guitar to sound like it does when I play it live or through my fishman solo amp. I've tried all kinds of mics, room treatments, set up etc... but this is the best I've gotten and it sounds too metally, and tin can like, Any thoughts on working with it in cubase or ?? Recorded both mic'd ( with at2020 and through guitar pedal) and lined in.
guitar Taylor 314ce

  • HIG Gtr Clip Raw.mp3

Pro Audio Social - Text to speech forums. Does this interest you?

The introduction of audio in social media

Our future platform will include text to speech format. Meaning, we can talk and record or text will reply comments back in speech. What are your thoughts on this? Would you use this? Would a text to speech format be helpful in pro audio forums?




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