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Can anyone recommend a good 4-track to get started on

Hi all, new to the forums here. Ummm...anyway...

I am a total noob when it comes to recording. Well, actually I've never recorded at all. But I have had alot of ideas recently for an album and want to start recording a simple raw version of it. I don't have alot of money and am thinking of just getting a 4 track recorder. I want to be able to record some bass, guitar, drums, vocal and piano. Eventually I would like to add some "noise" or electronic sounds as well.

More Old Tannoys

After reading a recent post on Old Tannoys it got me thinking that I could put new surounds in a pair that I have tucked away downstairs. They are 15" diameter to the outside of the casings, the metal cases are gold in colour and the only other distinguishing marks on them are these "Monitor HPD Type HPD/385/8".

I gather there are different models and I'm wondering if anyone would know a bit more about identifying or giving me a heads up on these speakers.

signal passing through the graphic equalizer

Hi guys,
i am a new member.
i would like to ask what do u guys think of a signal pass through a graphic equalizer go to the input of the mixing console but not passing through the EQ send by aux and return during recording?
i hope everyone know what i'm talking about because my english isn't gd enough
thanks a lot

Problem with VST

Hey. I am having this weird problem with VSTs which I think might be my own fault for being almost a newbie concerning Nuendo. I import a simple midi track I created in a guitar tab program (Guitar pro 5) and want to sample it with the included in Nuendo synths, for example: monologue. I set the output to be Monologue and choose a preset, for example: Octaves lead. Now, when I play the midi, the preset I chose switches to "Filter coffee" preset.
This happens with EVERY vst, what am I doing wrong?.

What the future holds?

I guess this post belongs here, as much as anywhere else. Three rather big stories have come across my radar screen since the Labor Day weekend, and I thought I'd pass them along here.

The first, as everyone knows, is the closing of Sony's studios in NYC. Of course, there's bound to be an auction, right? Not surprisingly, I got a 12 page glossy photo ad-book in the mail from the auctioning company handling the sale. It's kind've the opposite of gear-porn to me. (Gear-slaughter, or gear-orphans, if you know what I mean. Kind've exciting, yet sickening, in a way.)

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