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Pluggin latency question

If im running a session with a 64 sample buffer, then i instantiate a pluggin with a 64 sample latency spec on my live input, does that mean that the latency i experience would be based on 128 samples? Or does the pluggin latency get "absorbed" by the session buffer and i would only experience the 64 samples of latency?


different noises

has anyone experimented with getting different noises out of their piano? I've been brainstorming different ideas, but I haven't figured out how I'd go about implementing any ideas to alter the space between the hammer and the string to make it happen.

i never liked the middle pedal to bring the cloth down. that cloth just feels weird when you press the keys

Coming back - need second pair of ears !

I can't remember if I ever posted one of my song here..
I haven't writen many over the years, but I had a week of vacation with not much more to do so here's one.

I'd just like some opinion, is it worth publishing, any mistakes in the mix or master ?

Thanks !


Doing Vivaldi with Electric Instruments

Hey guys. I'm new to audio engineering and would like criticism and feedback on what I'm trying to do here. I'm basically just trying to record classical music (all the instrument parts) on electric guitars and bass, staying as faithful as practical to the original music while also making some concessions to make the instrumentation sound more modern. It's not supposed to be classical music but not metal either.

A Thin Place

My first recording using Studio One DAW. In my new, unfinished studio. Original. Still learning the stock plugins. Want to invest in a 500 series lunch box but not sure what to put in it.

Anyhow. Tried not to compress to much. Is bass to loud? Panning choices im still experimenting with

Critique welcome



Big Moving Parts - My first "lockdown" production

This has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things that I’ve done musically (for myself) during this lockdown period. Larry (drummer) and I had a lot of fun recording this. The track forms part of my next solo album which I’m busy with at the moment. It was quite tricky doing all the filming and playing but I'm quite happy with the result. I also showed which VSTs were used in the making of the track.

High Frequency resonnance on vocal recording - It s doing my head in!!!!

Hi guys,
I recorded vocals lately, and cannot get rid of aggressive high frequencies that weren't there before...
You can hear the main nasty frequency around 3-4Khz and some other ones from1 to 3 kHZ ( audio: Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusAnnecy 1&2 )
I recorded the same vocals 1 month ago in another flat, and it was fine ( see audio "Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusDundee").

Blue Yeti recording

Hello there... first time poster here!

I have a Blue Yeti X connected up via USB to my Dell laptop. I have also connected up my Sennheiser headphones to the Yeti.

The audio through the Yeti sounds amazing, however whenever I try to either record something (using Audacity) or go on a Zoom call, the quality is very poor.

I have double checked to make sure I am using the right input in those programs.

I have also tried connecting to different USB ports, same issue.

Any ideas?

Many thanks for any suggestions!


Icon Qcon Pro X - new Firmware = must buy new overlays ?

I didn't know what to think about it at first..
I mean, I paid 1k for a controler and 6 month later (under warranty) I should pay to keep up with new firmwares..

Of course they say it's shipping cost .. and I tend to believe it since getting something from china in 2 weeks is pretty fast.

Here's a video about that :

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