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Soundscape Internal signal routing

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21 years
Ok. here we go again..

I have heard that you can "customize" your mixer in R.ed.. How much can you customize it??

I suppose that you can have dynamic FX's on the mixer. can you have your plug's pre compressor?? or pre compressor post EQ?? how about: Plug>Comp>Plug>gate>Eq ??

In other words.. what can you do when talking signal flow??

O yeah a forgot... how about Side chain?? or gate triggering??


R.E.D Fader resolution

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21 years

First of all, I'm new here, and let me tell ya. These forums are cool!

I have been interested in R.E.D for a wile now and I have a few questions, I'm going to keep them in different threads as it was suggested.

My first question regards the fader resolution of R.EDs mixer. Is my understanding that PT mixer faders are 10 bit's allowing 0.1dbs steps, and pro control have 1024 steps or something like that. as you know. the majority of software out there are MIDI controlled, meaning 127 steps..What is the Fader resolution in R.Ed's??

Demo Tips

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21 years
What does a producer look for in a demo?

"I want to know everything that we possibly can about what's going on. I want to see a photo. Also, I want to know how the demo was recorded and what it was recorded with."

Why is that?

"Your demo may have the greatest sound in the world, and maybe it was done on a four-track. If so, it tells me that you really know sounds, and you worked to get the demo happening."

What else do you need to know?

Vintage Compressor for vocals

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20 years 11 months
One of my favorite classic compressors is the GATES Sta-Level, and the GATES Level-Devil. These compressors are sha-wheat on lead vocals. The Level-Devil does a Exp/Comp thing that's hard to imitate with any other gear.
Another fav of mine for electric guitar are the cheap arse DBX163X. 1 slider- one way for more, one way for less. I pick up some of these on ebay for $50 each & really sound good.

Howdya get that washed out drum machine sound?

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20 years 8 months
I've been wondering about the sort of sound where you know you're listening to a drum machine and it's crappy in a cool, fuzzy, fizzy lo-fi way.

That Primitive Radio Gods hit, "standing outside yada yada", is the most comercial example I can think of, but refence points for me would be the first Satchell album and the Twilight Singers album.

Logic Audio versus Pro-Tools... Sound Quality

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21 years
At work, we have two fully featured Pro-Tools systems. Synchronized together we can easily achieve a track count of 128, with lot of FX and EQ. But naturally that comes at a very high price tag.
I use Logic Audio on a G4 400Mhz in my home studio with MOTU 24i and 2408 Audio interfaces. When Comparing sound quality, I have the feeling that the MOTUs are as good as If not better than the Digidesign 8/8/8. In my opinion they sound more open .

Distressor Trick

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20 years 11 months
If you want more bite to your distressor for electric guitar, bass, even vocal- do not plug anything into the stereo link on the back of the unit. Then set the front of the unit to DIS2 (which I'm told boosts even-ordered harmonics) & put it in LINK mode. It adds more distortion. Sometimes the DIS3 works better depending on the instrument. I usually set my attack at 10+, and my release around 2-3.

(icq #5495501 aka jackercrack)
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