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background vocal compression

just a curious question of how you all give treatment to your background vocals in todays modern songs.

Do you all:
1)run a whole bunch (8 or so) individual background vocal tracks to 1 stereo compressor and compress them all as a group?
2)run each individual vocal track to a seperate mono compressor (requiring 8 compressors or more)?
which gives the most transparent result?

Future of SS Personell and Products

Since I read about the Mackie buyout, I've
had many questions about the alliance's future. I read the thread addressing the matter on the SS forum, but nobody asked what seems to me to be the logical questions.
Will Soundscape remain 'Soundscape', or
will it now be 'Mackie'? Will the Soundscape line still remain intact just as if they'd
gone-on without the buyout? Will the same people remain 'in charge' of SS, or will Mackie's higherarchy take charge? Will the same personell continue to design the SS gear, or will there now be Mackie engineers

Soundscape accessibility

A couple of months ago, I posted on the DUC
regarding the lack of accessibility to the
general cyber-public on the Soundscape forum,
and now I'm very glad that I did. Since then,
I have continued to stress the fact that it
was important to SS to allow us all to see
what their users are experiencing. I'm very
glad that SS has seen the importance of opening up their forum for viewing, and that
everyone now has another way of gathering information to help them with their buying

An album fully mixed with Logic? (or Protools)

I'd like to know if exist an album fully mixed in Logic Audio. It seems that all "pro" recordings are produced in Logic or Pro Tools; and at the time of the mix, it goes analog (through a Neve, Trident or SSL).

I have no doubt that this consoles sound better for mix, but maybe is mitology or to amortize the price that cost this gear...

Correct me if i'm wrong:

Recording Promo Package

smoking forum guys! This is the best place to read about our business that I've found. I was here a few months ago and now it's really growing.

I have my first demo ready. What should my promo package consist of?

I've heard that it's pretty hard to get your demo to be heard. If you don't know someone it just gets trashed.

What do I put in my Cover Letter?

Thanks everyone!




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