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Soundscape accessibility

A couple of months ago, I posted on the DUC
regarding the lack of accessibility to the
general cyber-public on the Soundscape forum,
and now I'm very glad that I did. Since then,
I have continued to stress the fact that it
was important to SS to allow us all to see
what their users are experiencing. I'm very
glad that SS has seen the importance of opening up their forum for viewing, and that
everyone now has another way of gathering information to help them with their buying

An album fully mixed with Logic? (or Protools)

I'd like to know if exist an album fully mixed in Logic Audio. It seems that all "pro" recordings are produced in Logic or Pro Tools; and at the time of the mix, it goes analog (through a Neve, Trident or SSL).

I have no doubt that this consoles sound better for mix, but maybe is mitology or to amortize the price that cost this gear...

Correct me if i'm wrong:

Recording Promo Package

smoking forum guys! This is the best place to read about our business that I've found. I was here a few months ago and now it's really growing.

I have my first demo ready. What should my promo package consist of?

I've heard that it's pretty hard to get your demo to be heard. If you don't know someone it just gets trashed.

What do I put in my Cover Letter?

Thanks everyone!


G4 733


No one was surprised when Steve Jobs unveiled several new computers, however some of the features added were completely unexpected.

All four models in the brand new Power Mac G4 include a new high-performance architecture featuring 133 MHz system and memory buses; one more valuable PCI slot [bringing the total to four 64-bit PCI slots]; one 4xAGP slot; 128MB to 256MB of SD-RAM; and a CD-RW burner built in!; all starting at only CDN$2,499.

Echo Farm, Orange Vocoder plugins

here a couple of new ones


Although not exclusively a Macintosh product, Echo Farm is a TDM plugin for Windows-based Pro Tools|24 MIX or MIXplus systems, as well.

Using the same patented modeling technology that made their Amp Farm Plug-in such a huge success, Line 6 now brings the sweet sound of many popular vintage echo effectgs to the Pro Tools TDM environment.

Echo Farm includes stunningly realistic emulations of the original Echoplex, Roland Space Echo, Electro-Harmonix Memoryman, and various other effects.


----- DIGIDESIGN -----

-- Control|24 --

Digidesign announced that a brand new ergonomic control surface, built
especially for Mac OS-based Pro Tools TDM systems, will be available

The brand new Control|24 originated from Focusrite, and is designed for
music, post-production, or any other application requiring hands-on
control of Pro Tools.

Mulit-track Recording Software

Hello everyone I have a question? What's the big deal over multi-track recording software regarding professional use. I've heard songs from many people that used CakeWalk Pro9, Cubase Vst, Logic, and even Pro Tools and most of the stuff I hear sound really good as far as sonic & professional quality. I think a lot people get hung up on software names instead of its performance and quality. I hear a lot Big House Engineers & software makers say we use Pro Tools or (?) because nothing else sounds like it. Come on I think that's a bunch of crap just to sell or get your service.

Big DAW, small DAW...can they really talk?

Hello All,

I've been reading everyone's comments with regard to various different audio tools, learning about different capabilities from the web/magazines etc, and I have come to the following conclusions:

1) Decide on my requirements before worrying about any product, such as how many simultaneous record tracks I want, use of midi or not, and probably the most frustrating budget.

2) There's definitely more than one way to skin a cat, a large part of which involves an individual's personal preference.

3) I've got no idea where to start!



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