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getting better performances

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Hi Spindrift.
I use this click trick for years now, and you're right, drummers love it !
One matter should be considered though : if your click is too "groovy", laying rythm tracks along with it makes it "unmutable". I mean it becomes part of the song groove ! It happens to me once, and the click pattern ended up as a synth perc track in the final mix !
Man, I love this job !


Preparing songs for mastering

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21 years 2 months


what do you guys do about mastering? what tools do you use? Is every mastering house accepting PT files?

I use the C4 and L1. It works excellent for me. I use WavesC4 only at the master track of the entire session, then bounce the session in 24 bit to two tracks, then open a new session up in 24 bit and import the two tracks.

The L1 goes on the master fade then and I, not to much boost and brick wall it,

I dither and save it as a 16 bit MLCD.

sounds gooood.

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