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Playing wit dynamics (not compression!)


i'd like to know what you guys do to seperate the parts of a song dynamically.
i often find when i mix something, although i like the overall sound, there's no real seperation between, let's say, the verse and the chorus. i'd like the chorus to be "louder" than the rest without just making it louder.

what i do is emphasize the first bassdrum stroke, to get the "kick" on the one, but it's not enough. would it help to raise the drums or guitars, when going into the chorus? or maybe the bass?

pc interface

Our band consist of 5 people. 4 vocals, 4 mic's on the drums, guitar and bass amp both mic'd and a keyboard. I need a interface like a m-audio type box ( usb or firewire connect to pc) of at least 11 inputs, 2 or 3 with phantom power. Also, can the outs on it be directed thru my Yamaha 12 channel mixer for pa use? my main goal is to have the capacity to record myself, playing each instrument on separate tracks, using the pc program such as pro tool, cakewalk, etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Wavelab 5 crashes

I posted this on the Wavelab forum, but, as it's probably not a WL problem, perse, thought I'd try here, too... Thankx for suggestions!


Well, it had to happen and it did. I got a nice little check in yesterday(Sooner or later, someone had to pay?). No, not the retirement to an island type of check, but I do have a few hundred(US) to put into my system, if I can spend it before my wife buys a new puppy or something -- so if you have suggestions, hurry(There's probably a dog show tommorow!)...

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