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Soundscape FAQ

Thank you Fredrik, Suart_Brewster, for some very good responses and points. Fredrik your list is already in due process.
SonOfSmawg I hear you and understand your point as well. .how ever,,,Wolfgang is not going to stop hammering certain points until it is laid out, in front of him. Not that I blame him, nor dislike him for it. I am Sure Wolfgang is an intelligent and good Engineer.
I have no hard feelings (even after a few direct insults) BUT in the long run he is just like the rest of use trying to accomplish the goals set out in front of him, with that being said.

Blue G3 450

Hello everyone, I have a question? I'm looking into a blue G3 450 or G4 450 both have 128ram, 30 or 40 gig hard dive, and both are single processors. I would like to know how many tracks can I get if I got one of these units. My goal is at least 32 tracks of hard disc recording that's without plugins BTW what's is the difference between a G3 450 and G4 450 processor, is it just model classification.Thanks


telephone effects and EQ settings

Here's one that I like,

Radio Shack sells this thing to record conversation over the phone. It's a little adaptor that you insert between the phone and the hand-held part. It has an 1/8" mono output jack. It's cost about 20$ and you can switch the direction of the signal to record your answering messages directly into the phone bypassing the mic of the phone and the room noise that gets into it.
(Dead Link Removed)


Fixing live drums

Hi all... recently I saw this new forum (maybe with time the best audio forum because its very large boards).

I have a little problem fixing drums.

I've recorded 7-8 tracks of live drums. How can I quantize this tracks for fixing out of time hits or for thighten up? (or groovin' a
sterile & clinical live performance).



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