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Can latency cause bad performances?

Has anyone noticed any problems with performances because of recording latency? I've tried using Logic to record vocals, and the singer had real problems (and rightly so!). I usually use PT for this, and I've noticed it's much tighter, but obviously there will be some delay involved.
It seems like the best way to do this is take a mult before the signal hits PT and use that for the talents' cans. Any thoughts?

Cheers, Marc.

"Remote" Session Musicians

Didn't know if anyone would be interested, but I found a guy who will record drum tracks to your music on ADAT for $75. He's got some pretty good credentials. I'm considering using him, but haven't taken the plunge yet.

These kinds of things are useful to guys like me who can't record live drums in their project studio, but occasionally need a real drummer.

sampling I just can't drop it

Sorry, I can't let it drop.


NO IT CAN'T! The act of copying or sampling any portion of a recording without the permission of the copyright holder is illegal. If the sampling is done for personal use you can be prosecuted and fined for contravention of copyright law. If the sampling is done for financial gain in addition to the prosecution and fine you can also be sued for damages.


Wrong! Check with the copyright holder before you sample it, not before you release it. If you've already sampled it, you've already broken the law.


just got a flyer on R.ED/ soundscape. It looks pretty cool

24 bit AD/DA
9 pin control
AES, SPDIF, TDIF digital I/O
16 to 128 tracks
up to half a terrabyte of native power
cedar restoration
import from avid, logic, lightworks


The future of major studios verses home based Pro Tools/

Just an observation here.

We have tried to get the major recording studios ( the ones governed by record labels) to add their studios to RO ( ) but have yet had one comments from any of them. The indie studios are very supportive.

Does this shows the power of Pro Tools/DAW's and the indie markets competing potential now and in the future for the recording industry.

Are we a threat or can we work together? What's going to happen in the future?



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