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Soundscape FAQ

Hello everybody

Let`s start in the first part just with technical facts:
You get 16 buses with a SSHDR 1 (I think you get 32 with the Red but that makes no difference) and 4 analog/digital outs and 2 ins plus 1 TDIF (for the Red you got 3 TDIFs).
The SSHDR 1 can do 12 tracks, the regular Red 32 tracks and the Red24, guess what, 24 right.
If 12 or 24 or 32 tracks are not enough you can add another unit and now the problem starts.

telephone effects and EQ settings

Here's one that I like,

Radio Shack sells this thing to record conversation over the phone. It's a little adaptor that you insert between the phone and the hand-held part. It has an 1/8" mono output jack. It's cost about 20$ and you can switch the direction of the signal to record your answering messages directly into the phone bypassing the mic of the phone and the room noise that gets into it.
(Dead Link Removed)


Fixing live drums

Hi all... recently I saw this new forum (maybe with time the best audio forum because its very large boards).

I have a little problem fixing drums.

I've recorded 7-8 tracks of live drums. How can I quantize this tracks for fixing out of time hits or for thighten up? (or groovin' a
sterile & clinical live performance).

I do it now by manual editing... cut & drag the hits (to a grid or
groove template), trim them (no silences) and smooth (crossfades).



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