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IDE drives faster than Ultra160 SCSI for PROTOOLS ?


I have a very strange experience. When i try to play the video file in Pro Tools 5.0.1 MIXPlus on G4 with ATTO DualChannel SCSI, it works better if I play it from internal ATA drive. if i try do play it from Seagate Barracuda 18 GB Ultra160 SCSI drive connected to the second ATTO bus, the movie is played with droped (lost) frames and get drops. It looks crazy! Anybody knows what's going on? Should I format by ATTo Express Pro Tools my SCSI drives for only HFS (I just have the HFS+ format on the SCSI drives)?

Roland S760 sample CD question

Hi guys.

I want to make work copies of a few sample CDs for the S760 that I've aquired over the years.
I recently bought a used S760 for home use and the CD's and S760 here at work need to stay here.
The mac keeps telling me that the discs are unrecognizable. I've turned on foreign file access, and pretty much anything else I can think of. Any ideas?


Working hours

Lo again,

Just wondered what sorta hours other people work in their studio jobs, whether it be engineering, producing, editing or whatever?

Do you dictate what hours you work, or is it more down the client and gauging how their creativity and enthusiasm is going. ?

How do you deal with those long long sessions - making sure you keep yourself mentally awake?



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