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Distressor or Drawmer 1969?

I'd like my finished PT24 mixes to go through a nice compressor before I mix to analog tape but I can't decide between a pair of distressors or drawmer 1969. I've never used either of these and have only heard great things about them. The goal, of course, is to get that final bit of laquer on a mix, take some of the digital edge off, when going to tape.

Anyone had experience with these?

Electronic Drums

I love the idea of electronic drums...100+ different kits at your disposal at the push of a button, no huge shells to lug around,
they take less space when they're set up, you can have band practice at low volume, no
more cymbal crashes at ear level, MIDI, and NO MORE MIKING HASSLES !
I've tried out several different brands at music stores, but I don't really see many major differences. Some have more kit presets available, but I wouldn't use them all anyway. Some have a few more pads, but more than your standard 5-piece kit arrangement is

tube preamp

Hi all, I'm looking for a two channel tube pre. Tube preamps are new to me and I believe that this will smooth-en out the slight razor edge of my 03D and the 888/24, right?
What would your choice preamp be?

warmest regards to all
long live RO




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