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Hello All-

I'm looking to pick up a good used synth around $300. Im looking for something with good sounding analog synth lead patches as well as decent string pads and brass. I don't need anything crazy realistic as far as piano or bass sounds go. This synth would mostly be used for a live 80's-90's cover band as well as in my home studio. What is important to me is being able to easily edit, save and recall patches as well as having a decent on board arpeggiator. The unit doesnt have to have sequencer or be very expandable.

Please let me know your opinions....Thanks !!

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20 years 8 months

MELTHEDOG13 Tue, 11/09/2004 - 10:38

Funny thing-- I was just at Guitar Center today and they had a used one. I played around with it for a wile and I was diggin what I heard. I'm also thinking about checking out a Roland RS5...Any opinions on that synth....? Any preferences between the XP-30 and RS5....? Any other suggestions or experiences with other synths that could be recommended...?

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