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Recording org studio (RO) started in 1999 as a forum and was a first 100% dedicated online (pro audio CMS) community of its kind. began with the original R.A.P. (recording audio pro) Usernet community of 1999, starting with Fletcher then many famous engineers to follow.

Searching through our pro audio forum you'll find thousands of helpful topics on how to record musicians, what microphones are needed, how to build a recording studio and acoustically treat the rooms, DAW programming, mixing, mastering and even repairing music gear from our tech group. Our topics are educational reaching back to the Motown analog years and onward bound to AI coming.

A quick look at past posts here at (RO) will show the degree of thought and effort that is put into our community by the contributors to this site. We have many professionals here, and they and others give their time and experience to help newcomers to the art of the recording, as well as encouraging those who are already started on their journey.

Welcome to CMS.