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hello hello everybody. i am a student of the great and powerful chat gunter at nyu. learning the latest and greatest in production sound.

my question is this:

i recently obtained an old shure m67 mixer. being a film student and all, i cant exactly go out and buy a pd6 and an fp-33, so i was going to work on adapting the m67 with alot of the features i love about the fp-33.

ive modified many electronic components before so soldering dexterity isnt a problem. the problem i am having is with the phantom power circuit, or rather lack there of. i want to add a phantom power module in this mixer but i havent the slightest clue how to, nor do i know the specifics of the ammount of current and power regulation required (48V i know. that's kind of obvious).

any help would be most appreciated.




jawharp Sun, 04/17/2005 - 16:42

i did google it. the problem with the circuit you posted a link to is that it uses ac to generate the phantom power. the mixer really isnt portable anymore when it's plugged into a wall