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Please, let me first say hello to everyone in this forum.

I have discovered this forum some time ago and I must say that I like it really very much.

It is quite informative and in a simple language even for a woman like me who is not very familiar with technical informations.

I am now a registered user to this forum because I believe that this will help me to know more on the subject I am interested and also to excange any ideas with professionals like you.

I am from Portygal but I live in Greece since 1987 and I am pianist composer.

I have started with Midis due to some music projects I have to do and I need some advices on mastering my work.

Midi Music is far easier to be composed and recorded but I am not very familiar with this techique due to my nature as a classical pianist all these years.

I have the follow sound gear and please I wish to know whow good is or if this is suitable for mastering possibly with the purchase of a CD-R.

Pioneer Mini Disc MJD707
RME AD1 AD-DA Converter
Behringer Ultramizer DSP1400P
Yamaha MU90R XG Tone Module
Yamaha DX Keyboard only for input
Yamaha RX 11 Rythm Programmer only for input
Behringer Active Monitors Truth B2031
Behringer 8-2 Mixer

These are some of my questions I have regarding mastering :

Is it far better to record directly onto a CD-R ?

Do I have to go for a better tone module, or a better compressor ?

I ask please to know if there is any practical way
to get from my Midis studio quality sound on a finished master either MD Add encoded or CD-R Add encoded ready for he pressin plant.

It will be fully appreciated if anyone of you who knows better could be able to give me any assistance and please you may post your replies through this forum or you may send me an email to my hotmail account at ay time.

I thanking you very much in advance and I wish to all of you all the best.

All the best to everyone.



audiowkstation Sun, 09/09/2001 - 01:22


Their are a few Women who post...this is not only a Mans world!

First, the resolution of the mini disk is great for practice or lessons, but no good enough for 2-bus finals (your mix).

The mini disk format clearly does not give the low level resolution of a good CD burner (stand alone...even consumer).

It is like this.."sounds fine to me on mini disk"...Imagine how much better it could have sounded...clearly your weak link.

I will email after I hear from you..

Be glad to correspond, listen to what you have and give ideas..

Harietta Sun, 09/09/2001 - 05:13

Dear Bill,

I wish to thank you very much for your kind reply to my question.

Yes, I believe that the Mini Disc have a limited quality due to the sound compression that it use but the point is if the Midi Music I produce could be sounded much better on a CD-R even with the Behringer Mastering processor and the other equipments I have.

I am not an expert on recordings dear Bill but certainly I can judge if this music sound good or not.

Personally I wish to make finished masters ready for the pressin plant and it would be very nice to hear from you your thoughts and your advices.

The equipments I have were bought after a suggestion I had from a good friend of mine who is the owner of the Avionne Studios at Geniva who also have the same gear as mine for his Midi Suite.

I have tested my MD masters and the comments varies from good to below average to really good and I am very confused who finally have right and who have wrong.

So, here I am to this forum looking for some serious advices.

Yes, you can email me at any time and I thanking you in advance for this.

All the best.


Harietta Wed, 09/12/2001 - 06:15

Dear Bill,

Good afternoon and I hope that your well.

You have my sympathy for the terrorist attack in your country and I hope that this thing never happen again.

I was watching the news all day, so now I have the time to check my messages.

Thanks for your very kind email and for your generous offer.

I fully appriciate this dear Bill.

I do not have by the moment anything to send you but I dont want to put you into troubles to master for me.

I trust that you have the ability to master in high quality sound possibly due to your big experience all these years and to the very selected audio gear you have.

I have visited your web site.

I am looking for some some practical ways on mastering just to see what I be able to do and whow I can improve my sound with the gear I have.

Whow do you rate my set up ?

Do I have to go for a new compressor or it is better to buy a pro sound module ?

What are your comments about the Kurzweil K2000 VP Rack and the EMU ESI 2000 ?

I will see the possibility to send you my music but please this thing can be done also here very easily within few hours because I know a number of producers, sound engineers.

We keep in touch.

Thanks for your support.

All the best.