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I recently purchased a Waldorf MicroWave (Rev B, CEM 3387, OS 2.0) and instantly fell in love with it, up to the extent I recorded a track using the MW as the only instrument (drums aside):


There is no mastering here, just a mix upped to 0 db.
All synth parts were played by hand and recorded directly to a Motu 896 MK3 in Ableton Live 8.
I used samples for the drum.

Please let me know what you think about the mix and the production itself.


pcrecord Sat, 10/04/2014 - 06:26

Here's the 4 first hit on google for electronic music. You might find people sharing your passion ;)

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DonnyAir Sat, 10/04/2014 - 07:25

sigh... once again...


"...we must insist that any song you post MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE TRACK OF AUDIO THAT HAS ACTUALLY BEEN PERFORMED BY YOU, where an actual microphone (or multiple microphones) are used to record audio content. Songs that are 100% VSTi-based - without a microphone-sourced audio track - will be deleted.

Feel free to replace it with something you've done where an actual microphone was used.

Or, as Marco suggested - and very nicely posted links to - join other forums where your production style and material would fit more appropriately.

It's obvious that this forum really isn't the place for you. No one has any intention of banning you at this point, but any future posts that don't follow TOS will continue to be edited, and links will be removed.


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DonnyAir Sat, 10/04/2014 - 08:55

....which then begs the question, why would you want to? You're obviously into synths/vsti's, so why would you want to degrade those samples by putting it through an amp and then miking it?
Is it just to prove a point? Is it vindictive in nature? An "I'll show you!" frame of mind?

You don't contribute to the forum in any other way, your sole focus is to post your vsti-based work. The most obvious reason is that you only want to increase a view/listen count on a site like soundcloud.

It makes no sense to me why you would even want to be a member here, when your focus and aim is so different to that of this forum's style and focus on organic recording, especially since there are so many other sites that would gladly cater to your style/genre. Why pick a site like RO - which is based upon the art and craft of organic recording - when you are completely opposite to what the forum's focus is? Other than to just be a pain in the ass, I have no idea.

I doubt that adding a mic'd track simply to adhere to TOS is going to make your style any more accepted or appreciated by other members here than it is now, but, if that is what you feel you should do, then that's certainly an avenue you can take if you wish, although I really don't see any benefit to you - or us - in doing so.

So, do what you feel you should do... but understand that we will do the same as well.


DP75 Sat, 10/04/2014 - 09:08

Hey....honestly I don't know why you keep saying "vsti-based work".
I used hardware synthesizers.... cables.... gain staging and shit. There is not a single VSTI. Do you want to see the project? I have no problem with that, really!

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DonnyAir Sat, 10/04/2014 - 09:30

You don't need to be so defensive, nor do you need to "prove" anything. You simply need to follow the TOS. If you are using straight up synths, then that's great. But, TOS still asks for a track where a mic is used, either on a vocal, instrument, or amp. And if you have an SM58 lying around, then why not use it? It's not as if we are asking for productions where 100% of the instrumentation is mic-based. All we are asking is that one track in your production is recorded using a mic. We don't think that this is much to ask for.

So break out that 58 and show us what you did. I have no problem with that at all. I still don't believe that your style will be any more accepted by the majority of organic musicians, producers and engineers here, and my suspicion is that any critiques you get in reply would likely be mostly negative in nature, but as long as you follow the TOS, and accept that your work will be critiqued - sometimes very harshly, I'm afraid, knowing these guys as well as I do - you can post as much as you want.


pcrecord Sat, 10/04/2014 - 14:18

DP75, post: 419952, member: 46583 wrote: Hey....honestly I don't know why you keep saying "vsti-based work".
I used hardware synthesizers.... cables.... gain staging and shit. There is not a single VSTI. Do you want to see the project? I have no problem with that, really!

VSTI and synth are electronic sounds sampled or computerised. Today, most synthetiser have been virtualised, therefor we can easily mix them. Anyway, they are pre-mixed and some pre-mastered more often than not
For the most parts, users motivations are to exchange and learn about recording techniques.
Mic placement, room acoustics, preamps, monitoring, mixing and mastering craft. (of course the combination of all those)
Since the sounds in your songs are electronic and not acoustic, I guess your music leave us with no technical help to give.
So when the technical subject is put aside, we're left with taste and opinions. This forum is all about help.

I can love or despite a song or a musical style, but regardless of my taste, I usually can still comment on acoustics, sonics, dynamics and so on.
I hope you understand that we feel you're only looking for hits on your page (as a spammer) because we really don't know what to technicly say about it. This forum is all about help. If you don't need help, don't post !
Even those who post full acoustic production don't get my attention if they post without asking specific questions. (but that's just me) ;)

Btw. Please don't record the same synths with a mic. It would be pointless.
Ask a friend to sing! It'll get interesting. (at least for me)

Kurt Foster Sun, 10/05/2014 - 11:52

using a mic to record a synth is a good idea at times. i have heard tracks recorded in this manner that were vastly improved.

on the other hand a monkey can plug and play and with the wide dynamic range in today’s digital gear, setting up gain staging is much more forgiving.

the link has been deleted so i can't hear what were talking about BUT if it's the same insipid noodling, droning on and on, flabby bass stuff most EM guys are doing then no real loss. i can't even believe there's an audience for that stuff.

pcrecord Sun, 10/05/2014 - 12:22

The guy was looking for a way out of TOS. That's why I said so about recording synths.
There is no wrong way to record any instrument or synth as long as it sound good in the end.
Sending a synth to a guitar cab with a bit of saturation or through clean speakers in a great sounding room can do wanders on a thin sound.
It all depends on the goal ! ;)