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Here is an quick tutorial for engineers wondering how to expand their DAW systems using external hardware. Fab Dupont demonstrates how to insert analog gear using the Dangerous 2-bus. Keep in mind, this can be done with similar summing systems such as the SPL MixDream, SSL and others.

RemyRAD Thu, 12/29/2011 - 12:14

Chris, nice to see you are utilizing some of Fabrice's videos. Some folks felt it to be spam when some of these were first posted. While he is selling recording courses, he really whets your appetite with good solid information. So these are 15 minute courses of a 1 hour course segment. And oh so reasonably priced for those trying to get better at this. It's my pleasure to have become one of his many friends. He had a great after AES convention party at his FLUX studios in East Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC. They are producing some excellent fully professional network quality videos. It's nice to see you are building an alliance with him as you'll both benefit.

He makes the same sense I do in a more appropriate manner. Where's my Scotch and I'm not talking tape here?
Mx. Remy Ann David

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bigtree Thu, 12/29/2011 - 13:19

Hi Remy,

I'm not purposely building an alliance with Fab, I just haven't seen anything this well done on the web so far, which is consistent to how hybrid flows together, have you?
I feel a personal responsibility to pass on the things I think are the real deal to our current recording industry, especially things I've had trouble understanding. You have your things of interest, I have mine. Hybrid is definitely one of them.
Its pretty daunting trying to understand this all in words alone. Fabs doing this the best. Dangerous Music is leading the way.

I was "hybrid clueless" until I bought my new rig and starting watching these myself. And, I have years of experience already so I can't imagine who the newbies are doing with all this information. We're seeding here, its why I posted this one in the Home Recording Forum. It should serve everyone well.

You don't just buy one part of the puzzle and expect it will work for you. Hybrid is a big commitment and expensive. Newbies see this and they get the bigger picture. Its a win win. ITB is cool but there are real tools you can touch that came before all these pretty plug-ins and flat sounding music came along.
I found Fab while looking for solid info on hybrid recording. Birds of a feature, flock together.

On a side note: I had a chat with a very high end boutique manufacturers a few weeks back. After 10 emails from this guy I felt like puking. He was so full of himself, and so off the mark for long term thinking (paying it forward). He has given up on the new generation completely. According to him, if you own a DAW you are a wanker and not worthy of his time. Wow, what do you call a guy like that?
What are we doing to our industry?
He does all his testing on high end analog gear. No DAW in his studio. He claim this is how he builds the best gear in the world. That's cool but I use a DAW so we didn't have any use for each other lol.
I could go on but, WTF I say. If we don't plant seeds and make scene for the audio inspired coming up, or support the guys making the cream gear, we will be to blame.

Anyway, these youtube clips are free so I post them. The new pay ones being posted aren't my doing nor am I being rewarded allowing them to be spammed here. With an erk, because they are so good, its hard for me to say no. I should strike a deal with the man in charge and make a spot for them. I think they can afford to support us.

I wish SPL would do up some hybrid videos. The MixDream and SPL's 120volt line is nothing short of wow in my books .

Hybrid audio is top on my list. Its really hard keeping this all to myself.

RemyRAD Thu, 12/29/2011 - 22:33

You know Chris, I've actually considered building up a passive summing system. Technically, that's what I built in my custom console back in 1978. Neil Muncey of SSI (Suburban Sound Inc.) who built his stuff utilizing Melcor 1731 a.k.a. API 2520's also had a passive 8 input device with volume controls and pan pots. It all summed into a pair of 1731/2520's. I had one of those in 1978 and recently acquired another one from a fellow colleague minus the 2520's of course. One could of course install the John Hardy/Dean Jensen direct replacement which would be sweet. Especially since the new owners of API do not want to sell 2520's without you first returning your blown out ones. Stupid me, I threw out my blown up 2520's before finding this out a couple of years ago. C'est la vie I actually did some mixes on those passive summing mixers since it was a whole lot cleaner when virtually bypassing the entire console. Of course to make these passive mixers happen properly, you need outputs that are capable of nominal +4 levels & +24 DB to really make it worth your while. No problem from Ampex/Scully/3M/Studer machines back in the day. I just haven't tried this from any other devices only capable of anemic +18 DB drive capacity. Though it should still work if designed properly without too much loading? I would think? If I only had a brain?

The scarecrow a.k.a.
Mx. Remy Ann David

Analog Summing Sun, 01/08/2012 - 17:14

Hi everyone, we red a lot of your post and we can confirm that analog summing really works if you do it with the right stuff.
We have different examples to hear on our website: [[url=http://[/URL]=""]ANALOGSUMMING | Home ( analog summing, Neve 8816, Summing mixer, Spl mixdream )[/]=""]ANALOGSUMMING | Home ( analog summing, Neve 8816, Summing mixer, Spl mixdream )[/]
Keep in touch,

The Analog Summing Team

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bigtree Sun, 01/08/2012 - 17:25

Welcome to
Interesting, and I like your name. I have been thinking of doing this as an online service too. Very nicing done. How is business?

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bigtree Sun, 01/08/2012 - 17:48

I just started a new group here for Hybrid Studios, its more private if you are interested.
However, I'm sure you are interested in promoting what you are doing. We don't directly self promote on the forums but we love talking about everything we are doing and using. Are you doing things similar to Fab Dupont in this video I posted , grouping things similar to him and sending stems out the the MixDream?

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bigtree Sun, 01/08/2012 - 18:08

The video is on the first page here:
re Dangerous Music 2-Bus: How it Works and How to Use It

cool! I hope our Group grows with lots of love and passion. It can get a little heated talking about hybrid recording and analog gear in the main stream. Plugins vs Hardware debates. Much like Mac vs PC with some resentment or endless disbelief with nulling examples..
I created the private groups so we don't have to waste timing debating. We already know why we are doing this smoke

Neve, nice!

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bigtree Sun, 01/08/2012 - 18:22

I use a MixDream as well. I love it. I've recently added the Transient Designer to inserts 1 and 2. Its not coming off of there.thumb