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Drum roll please....
ASUS P4B266 please step up to the platform and recieve your gold medal!!! I am a smiling folks :D
Wow is this board good!! I'm at default services tweaked yet for Win2k but it's and yes, it's friggen amazing!!!
So my setup as of now..
Asus P4B266 W/P4 1.6a(northwood) 512MD DDR266
Matrox G550 32MB AGP, 10GB Fujitsu 7200RPM, 40GB Maxtor 7200RPM, CDROM and CDR/W
Win2k Service Pack 2...
No BIOS tweaks yet but the usual disabling Serial ports and changing the LPT port to EPP.
The way I can tell is I loaded a song that was recorded here that used to take up to 95% of my CPU meter in Nuendo on my old, it's under 25%!!! WOW!!
The song is 34 tracks, plugins are all Nuendo Reverbs, Dynamics and EQ' Orange Vocoder.
So...there it is folks...
Hands down...right out of the box amazing performance!!
Oh by the way...I did have to install an INF driver and tell Windows that the USb and Audio drivers were on the Asus CD that came with the board!! Only thing I had to do!!
I'll let ya know more!!
So, that Mobo in for one of these!!!!!


jetoney Sun, 03/03/2002 - 16:44

Opus good news!!
If you did clock this thing at 2.?, then can someone compare some detailed benchmarks on plugs(Waves) and tracks(32./44.1). I am interested in anyone with an Athlon XP 1.7 or 1.8, 512 PC2100Ram, and either the Gigabyte GA7DX or the Asus A7M266 or an equal
chipset board. Also anybody with a stable A7M266-D, if you could chime in with some benchmarks and sys specs that would be great. I can't wait to build my new rig. The suspense is killing me.
Thanks Opus

Opus2000 Sun, 03/03/2002 - 17:50

I can tell you right now that at 1.6Ghz I put five Waves Trueverbs..5 Waves Q4...two C1 compressors and a RCL compressor on a 24 track project at 44.1/16 it didnt even budge my CPU meter :eek:
this is scary!! Good scary tho!! Wooohooo!! Man, my jaw dropped when I did a batch export of MP3 files from Wavelab...each one song which is about 3 minutes long( I batched 10 songs) and it took about 7 seconds per song!!! TOPS!!!! Just about a minute to convert them from Wav to MP3 at 128bit!!!
Oh boy oh boy!! You have to get this setup folks!! I'm amazed...
now all I have to do is get in touch with and see what I can do about this Sis chipset board swapparoosky for maybe a hard drive or something of that nature!!

Opus2000 Sun, 03/03/2002 - 18:14, you want some benchmarking...I got this program called SiSoftware Sandra that gives a CPU benchmark and from its database it compares it with other typical systems and it shows my cpu at it's current speed, which is by the way at 2.13Ghz!!!, kicks Athalon XP 1600 and 1800 series CPU's asses in a bad way...I'll take a snapshot of it with a program I got and post it for you all to see!! I'll do some other benchmarks too

jetoney Sun, 03/03/2002 - 19:34

It looks good on paper,
If you compare the price difference(about 72.00 in the config I was going to buy to the one you are running), I think the real win situation here is stability(as well as no via) and possibly a few more plugs. It does not look like it is a huge diff, but then again I know nothing when it comes to these tests, I only know what I can squeeze out of any given system. It looks like my next solution. Any plug and track counts with the overclock in place? and how many 32 float/44.1 tracks? I think this rig will do what I need, add a UAD and it's looking good. Can anybody compare with their Athlon setup? I have to admit going Intel makes me feel better with my Delta 1010(soon to be RME).

Tommy P. Mon, 03/04/2002 - 09:02

Holy crap, Sandra is showing your new rig trashing a P4 2ghz chip. :)
Sure, leave out the details, keep em comming back for more!
Are you running 133FSB, 1/1 syncronous with the RAM, PCI bus frequency, three DDR slots filled, CPU voltage, RAM voltage, what are system temps, I gotta know!

Opus2000 Mon, 03/04/2002 - 09:33

Well....being I'm not at home right now...
I do have it at 133 system bus...if you look closely at some of the details under the graphs it does tell you my system bus speed..4x133!!
I dont know other specifics right now and what track counts or sample rates I'll be able to handle...
system temps and all that I'll look into..
I will feed you guys more info as I get it...right now I can tell you system is probably going to be rented out to a very high up engineer who needs a stable Nuendo system to be able to handle 24/96 with 8-16 channels input...
oh boy!! Here we go again with system being rented out!! I wish I could tell you what project and who...but you know how it goes!!! lol
Suspense sucks dont it!!!!
Ha ha ha ha ha

tundrkys Mon, 03/04/2002 - 10:34

I know you are not an advertiser or anything, but for my information, who did you buy your system from?

Kemble Mon, 03/04/2002 - 19:16

Great Opus- You just hit my hot button. My buddie JDitty- as he's known here- has been all over me to go with the Athlon. I'd like to copy what you've got built. the results are almost unbelievable!
Is there an Athlon comparable setup?
JDitty is building with me- I think he may go AMD and me Intel. But I'd like to pass it on to him.

...we won't come out right with sublimations,
...we can't really rap, we're just 2 caucasians.


CustomProd Mon, 03/04/2002 - 19:33

Opus - Glad your smilin'!! :) Let us know how it goes for the next couple of days of testing. If all goes well, a parts list would be apprecated. Time for a build or two!! Good job on your build!!



Opus2000 Mon, 03/04/2002 - 23:10

WOW!!!! Can you say fast!! Can you say Unbelievable!! I added an Adaptec 2930U card today and had to bring my system for someone to use(go figure..I get it working for one day and it's out the door on a rental allready!! geez!!!)
we recorded from an ancient analog 8 track machine to my nuendo system at 24/96 and the cpu and disk meter indicator in Nuendo didnt even budge!!! Seriously!! 24/96...8 channel passes with no stuttering or anything of that sort!!
At first we recorded to my secondary IDE drive because the SCSI bay we had was we had a new bay delivered at once of course!! So..there you have it folks...this system is top notch
Here are the components...
Asus P4B266
Pentium 4 1.6a
Kingston 512MB PC2100 DDR 266 Non-Ecc
Crucial 256MB PC2100 DDR266 Non-Ecc
4RU Rackmount case from w/ 300watt PSU
40X CDROM, 12x8x32 CDR/W, 10GB Fujitsu 7200RPM drive, 40GB Maxtor 7200RPM drive, Matrox Dual AGP 32MB, Adaptec 2930U...
Tonight the system has an RME 96/52 card in it..usually I use the Echo Layla but since I had to accomodate 24/96 in Adat optical format...had to use the RME card!! Ahhh...the perks of my to love it...
So, what else for information do you all need?
I think that should say it all...
If you want a comparable AMD system...Athalon with the highest CPU rating and a non Via're screwed...even the AMD 761 series usues a VIA sidekick.....can you trust Via enough on that aspect...I wouldnt..

CustomProd Tue, 03/05/2002 - 21:56

Opus - Thanks for swallowing the pills of the unknown and building a rig that works! Good Job. Now that we have the laundry list, it's time to make my credit cards scream like a whore who is not getting paid!!

For those of us that have followed your adventure here, I understand exactly which chip to get: The P4-1.6a (w/512 L2), Mem= DDR2100, The only question I have is on the MOBO. You say that you have the Asus P4B266. As I have now begun my search for this board, I am finding variations of the platform. Example; the "Asus P4B266 P4 S478 MBD (aud)" This card has an integrated C-Media CMI8738 6-Channel Audio Controller. Is this the correct board to get?? What is the exact model# of yours?

Thanks for the time :)


angrynote Wed, 03/06/2002 - 03:42

Hey Opus. You must be really stoked. Great to hear some good news. can I ask if you think that this system is gonna be future proof enough to accomodate more tracks, more plugins and soft synths etc?

Could you give us a rough idea on your full track count and resolution and how the system generally runs, boot times and other factors within the operating system itself.


Jon Best Wed, 03/06/2002 - 05:52

I'm sure Opus will answer this too, but if you're going to use a seperate audio card, don't get the variation of the mobo with included audio, if you can avoid it. More crap to pay for, more crap to worry about.

Originally posted by CustomProd:
Example; the "Asus P4B266 P4 S478 MBD (aud)" This card has an integrated C-Media CMI8738 6-Channel Audio Controller. Is this the correct board to get??

knightfly Wed, 03/06/2002 - 08:27

Jon - good point; the only problem is, from the last 3-4 months of research I've been doing, you almost CAN NOT get everything you want in a MoBo for audio machines, without having to live with things you have no use for. The good news is that I've yet to see a MoBo with built-on stuff (lately, anyway) that can't be defeated. Yeah, it's a bitch to pay for something you don't want or need, but usually there's little choice.

The method that's been sorta working for me, is I go to Pricewatch, type in my "goodie" list with spaces in between, see what comes up, go to their websites, download the .pdf manual, read it from "cover to cover", find out why it sucks, either put it in the pile of "maybes" or toss it, and go to the next. If nothing comes up on Pricewatch, I remove one of the "goodies" from the search and try again. Once I'm either done looking or fragged, I'll get the least obnoxious MoBo in the "keeper" pile, and go from there. Not the fastest way, but when I plunk down the bux I will know I've got the most functional system (til next week's models come out)I can start with. As Hunter used to say (from the TV show of the same name) Works for me... Steve