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Hey guys. Hope all is well.
I've got a bit of a dilema. We're recording our second album right now, and we're in the process of mixing and also search for a mastering enginner.It's hip hop stuff. We've decided to mix the album ourselves since we are indie and our budget is really tight at this point.

The problem is i've done a couple mixes and I think they are decent, but what do I know ;)
I've learned a ton on this site and have come to trust the advice I get when i'm here, so basically i need some help know if my mixes are even good enough to go to mastering. I need to know if their are any obvious mistakes that absolutely have to be fixed it these mixes (i.e. not enough lowend, bad stereo field, eq issues).

You can hear 3 of the tracks at http://

Any help on this is greatly apprecieated, especially from the MEs on here. I'd love to have one of the cats on this site master our album next month.



Vaylence Sat, 09/17/2005 - 01:10

Hands Down: I'm the kind of guy who likes subtle things in music to be subtle, maybe not heard the first few passes at the song. That being said I think that the chimes sounding thing on the left side seems a smidge too forground for me. Not that they need to be burried, but pulled back a bit. Other than that it sounded really good.

Hold the Door: sounds ready to me.

Communicate: also sounds ready.

All in all I thought it sounded great, just that one nit-pickey line in Hands Down. Hell if you like it being that forground, I wouldnt put up a fight to move it if I were in the group. One question, did you record the tracks yourself, or did you record in a studio, then take the tracks and are mixing them yourself?

Anywho hope this helps