AT 2035 and Scarlet Solo Issue

Submitted by Stephan on Tue, 05/22/2018 - 13:26

I have the AT2035 going into my scarlet solo > Line out Rca Cable> Hum box input 1+2> Output 1+2> RCA converter 3.55mm > Line in on my PC.

My issue is I can hear my pic on sound recorder and hear the mic on listen to in recording devices of the PC. I cant hear the mic on any other program. Like discord, Skype, mumble, games with friend or anything else.

Help!!!! pls

This is a 2 pc setup. One pc the USB work and the audio works.

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I think you are doing it wrong.
You have a quality audio interface and you plug it to the line in of your computer's soundcard ??

How about using the usb to get audio in and out of your computer (no need for hum box) ? The audio interface (the scarlett) is made to replace your soundcard. So the back outputs goes to your monitors (or speaker system).
Once done, go in windows sound settings and choose the starlet as your default.
You shouldn't use an audio interface for 2 computers, I just can't figure out why one would need that anyway..