Audiodesk software bundled with MOTU828

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 07/04/2002 - 03:20

Hi all,

Sorry no Audiodesk forum but I thought it might be similar to DP.

Asking this on behalf of a fren. He just bought 828(which came bundled with Audiodesk software) and a Powerbook G4 800Mhz. We are trying to imported some aiff audio files into Audiodesk. At first we discovered the stereo interleaved files we created from a PC Cubase couldn't be recognised by Audiodesk, so we created some stereo split files (i.e. pairs of mono files).

But Audiodesk still could not "see" the aiff files in the CD-R when we got to the "import audio/add soundbite" dialog box. Copying the files into the harddisk drive did not solve the problem. We also couldn't drag and drop the files into the soundbites window as the manual described.

This is strange because the Mac could clearly read the CD-R and show the files inside it, and we were also able to play it using Mac's built in software.

We read the manual throughout and confirmed we were doing everything correctly(sample rate setting matches etc), and the manual did say the software recognises SDII, aiff and wav files.

So what is wrong with it????