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Hey guys, how would you rate these mics on their sound quality
in a rock context. They are for drum overheads and acoustic guitar?

Keep in mind the price differences. A mic that sounds 2% better but costs twice as much isn't worth it in my opinion.

A: Peluso CemC6
B: Oktava MC012a (Sound Room)
C: Josephson C42

I'm interested to read your opinions.

Thanks a million.



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Cucco Thu, 11/17/2005 - 07:34

That's a rather specific set of mics that are almost all considered "out of the mainstream."

There's no doubt that the SoundRoom's Oktavas are the real deal, but comparing them to a regular Oktava is impossible. They sound completely different. I would venture a guess that no one here has all of these mics or has used all of them side-by-side.

As I'm not familiar with the Peluso stuff, I won't talk about it.

The Josephsons are amazing microphones and are well worth their price. BUT - it depends on what you're doing with them. They're great for almost ANY drum application and many acoustic guitars. They would also work well on jazz piano, trumpet, sax (of all shapes and sizes - except soprano. The only thing that I've found adequate for the soprano sax is a 12 guage Winchester! :twisted: )

If you want to mic an orchestra - these are NOT the mics for you.

The SoundRoom's Oktavas are also very good mics and fare quite well against the Josephsons. Bear in mind though - even the Sound Room has a problem with Oktava's quality control. You can order a matched pair from them, but good luck getting 2 matched pair (err, I mean 4 matched mics). In other words, you can get good and mediocre ones from them too. (They do, in all fairness, reject some of the bad ones.)

Other SDC's to consider -

AT 4041/4051
Schoeps CMC 64 (a tad pricey, but I don't know of a better cardioid SDC)
AKG 451
AKG 460/480
AKG Blueline (Great mic for anywhere near its price!)

and plenty others.

J. 8-)

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CoyoteTrax Thu, 11/17/2005 - 08:33

From your list I'd say the Josephson is the nicest. Like Cucco said, it's pricey, by hey, it's made in the U.S., is recognized by pro's as being versatile, unique, and sounds amazing on AC guitars, hand percussion, and as OH's. Your clients will like to see it on your list and your setup time will probably be cut in half. For Rock app's you'll probably use them in every session.

I've had great experiences with all the Oktava stuff I've bought from The Sound Room regarding the 012's and their capsules. Their preamp bodies are excellent quality and their capsules are as good as it gets (from Oktava) IMO. Like Cucco said, totally different than what you get from GC and other dealers. You pay a lot more at the Sound Room but it's worth every penny IMO. Some of the capsules (especially the omni's) have been so super sweet.

Unfortunately, like Cucco, I can't coment on the Peluso's because I have no experience with them.

I would also recommend an SDC Scott Helmke is making up in Michigan called the "Alice". The lows are really tight, the mids are freakishly accurate and the high's are bright, strong and crisp without ever getting brittle. It's a high output mic with great transients and a strong, accurate representation of presence. I've even been favoring it lately for male vocals. Super mic on AC guitar, fantastic on amps, hand percussion, effects percussion and AC stringed instruments (like celtic harp).