Best midi controller on this site (link in post)

Submitted by m3owKat on Thu, 04/12/2012 - 14:02

Hello guys! Ever since last year I have been wanting to be a producer for hip hop, rap, house and dubstep (nice mix eh?). Now I have been using fl studio lately and it has been working great! The problem is I want to take this seriously and to the next level so I now need a midi controller. My budget is 450$ and below are two links of the two music stores I am purchasing the midi controller from. Now It has to have a keyboard ( 49 +) with it (no kidding) and a drum sampler on it would be helpful. I was looking at the novation impulse 49 but I fear theres better and Iive heard of compatibility errors with FL which brings me to my next point. The midi controller MUST be compatible with: fl studio, ableton live, logic pro and maschine (or sonar), fl and ableton being the top priority here. I also dont have midi input on my computer so usb connection instead of midi, (or a usb soundcard/interface with midi input can help aswell but it must be bundled with the midi controller still at 450$ total, including the specifications I listed above). Anyways here are the links:

1. Steves music store: [="

2"]Guitar Accessorie[/[url=http://[/URL]]. Moog audio: []]. Moog audio: [="…"]MOOG AUDIO - Canada's Best Music Store Online[/] IF there is any reccomendation on better software I could use please that would be good!

Aren't most controllers programmable? I am also paying very close attention to what Akai is coming out with in the next few months. The new MPC's are most likely going to be awesome.

[[url=http://[/URL]=""]Introducing the next Generation of Akai Pro MPC - The Akai MPC Studio[/]=""]Introducing the next Generation of Akai Pro MPC - The Akai MPC Studio[/]