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I'm trying to run my Roland synth through Ableton live 8 for recording. At this point I've gotten it to record midi, but I don't get any sound. I can record it in audio mode just fine, but for midi it just lays down the track visually and but gives no sound.

I don't have the midi information going anywhere (obviously). Instead of using a virtual plugin I just want it to play the original sounds on the synth.

So my question is,How can I get sound out of this thing? Specifically the original sounds I had when I recorded the song on my roland.

I've been messing around with a few ideas the last 2 hours, but haven't had any luck. Maybe an external instrument track, I just haven't gotten it yet. Logically I think it should go .... 1.Roland midi> 2.ableton (record midi file)>3. bus back to roland> 4.retrieve audio patches >5. ableton (record and play as plugins) > 6.monitors.

Step 1 and 2 are working. I would also be willing to just record the midi data on one take, and then get the audio patches from the roland and apply them on the second take (but i think its possible to do it all at once).

or a 3rd idea is upload the patches from the roland as midi patches on ableton and then assign them to the midi data.

enough rambling,
any help would be greatly appreciated