Calling all (Hip-Hop)mastering engineers in NY!!!

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Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 04/17/2005 - 15:59

We just finished up a cd(compilation) and we mixed it all ourselves... Pro Tools LE, Digi 002, samplers, keyboards,etc... no live instruments @ all or anyting special, outboard.

We have a total of 14 songz that need mastering. Right now they're mixed and soundin weak and somewhat thin 2 me. I kno it needs mastering. Being that we're n indie hip-hop studio/production team... we're on a budget... I have talked w/ 1 m.e. from here b4, 4got his name and all the.

So if any of u guys are available, plx respond, I can send clips or come c u with tis disc of songz and plz I kno ur skillz and time are worth u charging... we want the best we can afford which isnt much and we kno we may not get much back within that... can some1 work with us.. we have many artist 2 bring 2 whomever. this area is flodded with wanna b mc's. and we make beats/tracks 4 a lot of them.

some of our work is in the link under the signature... as u can probably hear the quality(though mp3's)

plz get back 2 me ASAP.


huub wrote: sounds good..
before going to mastering, I'd compress the vocals way more though..

thankx.... i just found the beauty of Waves C4. had it 4 awhile but neglected it. Some1 told me and I also read that she, a engineer uses it all the time on vocalz. Now Im a user. Though wondering and my make a topic out of this.. If using the C4(multi-band comression) is it still necessary to use another(broad) compressor afterwards?

But Im really learning more and more about the art of mixing."

Thnkx 2 all that listened, replied and or all ur time/patience.

from u guys and hearing more mastered material.. I made me really respect it. and it shows how much more it is to mixing. everything is essential.. from the ears to the room to the monitors to the skills and more.

i have learned a great deal and still kno nuthing. wow. Still a looong way to go. I guess learning is forever a long on going process. Like life.

thnx 2 all that listened, e-mailed and or replied.



phanatik wrote: ... I have talked w/ 1 m.e. from here b4, 4got his name and all the.


I think it was me that gave you the advice. I also gave you a few mix engineers to call to get it it's best.

I'm about finished with my new room (it will be stunning i must say0 :wink: ) If you want to work something out let me know.
email me.

yeah it was u Ed...hehhe

hey wassup man. We need 2 hook up. We need this CD done. Ima get ur # from ur site, give u call. I wanna come hear what u do, and what u could/would do to our music.

thnx 4 replyin.

Peace all!!!!!!