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ok, so after searching around and comparing and listening to opinions, etc, etc, etc... Ive narrowed down to some near-field monitors(in this order):
Dynaudio BM6A's
Genelec's 1030A's
KRK V8's

im wondering if anybody could give me some guidance on reference monitors that go well with these so that, when finished mixing while comparing both, the mixes will pretty much sound good everywhere. Im talking about spending 2,500$ at most on both pairs. could get bm6a's for 1,500 new or even cheaper on ebay. and some cheaper, yet good, reference monitors like yamaha msp5's. But do they go well together? and i would prefer active reference monitors though. need some experienced people here. thanks!


Krou Thu, 10/07/2004 - 19:41

theholotrope wrote: when finished mixing while comparing both, the mixes will pretty much sound good everywhere.


the above is pretty much the holy grail in terms of mixing accomplishments. While it's not rocket science by any means, it does take more than just getting the "right monitors" to do so. It's a combination of monitors, room acoustics (perhaps the paramount factor), and most importantly, engineering and production skills, which you acquire over time, by trial and error, by asking questions (such as this very one), by reading good books, reading online ressources, magazines, etc.

That said, the intention of investing in good monitors - even 2 pairs in your case - is certainly a good start. You can't go wrong with the Dynaudio BM6A's. These are the monitors I still wish to own one day, but I recently purchased a pair of KRK V6 II and couldn't be happier. Quite frankly, I'm so impressed with them that the BM6A lust has somewhat diluted by now (though I do think the Dyns have a deeper bass response and if anything more, better stereo imaging and a wider sweet spot), but hey, I have a pretty small space and the V6 are just perfect, the clarity and low end tighness is unbelievable.

I would say (imo only), that the BM6A is a very good choice as your primary set. As a second pair, you want something that's not too close in terms of sound. I'd even suggest a pair used NS-10's and a good power amp but for the sake of staying active, the MSP5's would be a good choice, too.

Furhtermore, if going with the Dyns, you might benefit even more by getting a smaller set of actives, those monitors that border the multimedia and reference intersection, like Roland MA8's or MA12's, or even some of these Edirols (forgot the model, they're powered with dials on the front, blue front with wood-like sides). The point here would be to see how your mix from the BM6A's translate to a more "consumer-like" set of speakers, instead of another studio reference monitor, which may skew your judgement if the descrepancies are too off-balance. I hope that makes sense?

You oughta check out the KRK V4's. Those little bastards are some of the best sounding monitors I've heard considering their size. Something to also consider as your Dynaudio sidekicks.

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theholotrope Thu, 10/07/2004 - 19:50

hey thanks krou, very helpful. and yes, i definitely agree with you on the holy grail, i put it in as an ideal of what i was going for. i have constant trouble mixing in one set of monitors and only want to get as close as possible to a great mix as i can and saving time by not going back and forth from car stereo to bedroom stereo to re-mixing. hence the question of compatibility. so this post is to further narrow my intentions. thanks again for the info...


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20 years 8 months

theholotrope Fri, 10/08/2004 - 00:54

new info:

a friend of mine has some m-audio bx5's laying around... are these commercial enough reference speakers do you think? haven't tried them out...


Krou Fri, 10/08/2004 - 08:42

Yes, the M-Audio monitors are considered 'reference' monitors but IMO, they're horrible, either as a primary pair and as a second reference set. Again, you're better off getting the Dyns and something smaller, even the Yamaha MSP3 would be better than the BX5's. It just makes more sense to me given what you're trying to accomplish, it's like having a pair of Mackie 824's with a pair of KRKV8's, hoping your mixes will translate by referencing both, which is far from the solution.

1 good pair to mix with (BM6A) + 1 decent pair close to what most people will listen to.

All that said, in order to really improve your mixes, do know that for a while you're still gonna have to check your mixes on other systems, cars, clubs, etc., in order to get an idea of what both sets of monitors are telling you.


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