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Help- Just got new soundcard, now there is delay when i play

I used to record using a v-amp 2 into a Creative MP3+ external sound card, into my laptop.

Today i got a Creative 24bit Live! external... plugging the v-amp2 to the sound card then into the PC.

When i play there is a slight delay, that annoying delay that you get if you use software effects for instance...

people are telling me to get ASIO drivers, which i tried doing but they don't seem to work...

Why did my MP3+ work fine and this new, better sound card have this crappy delay.

Any ideas what i can do?

and if we fix that problem, then my next question is how to make it record so it comes out of both speakers, rather than one side.
On my MP3+ it has different inputs so i could use a stero cable... but this one only has a line in.


BrianAltenhofel Sat, 08/27/2005 - 06:18

If you are using the highest settings (24-bit/96kHz) then you must disable realtime audio monitoring. The USB 1.1 interface cannot keep up.

That's according to Creative Labs Tech Support. By the way, I think Tez-Petrucci is a troll judging by his posts so far.