recording guitar with pro tools 002 rack

Submitted by rocker73 on Fri, 12/02/2005 - 12:24

I'm building my studio around a digidesign 002 pro tools rack, currently I have tried micing my marshall avt150 with two mics, a shure SM57 and an SM58 with some reverb on the amp, with it set on the second overdrive channel to get some majorly rocking distortion and routing each channel in pro tools via a bus with compression and delay plugins, then mixing the two mic inputs.

I do get quite a good smooth rhythm sound by doing this but am thinking of trying the following when I get the kit:

D.I. the guitar through a 2 channel behringer D.I. 120, using the link to send one signal to the Marshall and the other into a Focusrite Oct pre which will connect to the Digi 002 rack via lightpipe. Then mic the marshall with the Sm57 and or SM58 (I think Steve Albini uses this two mic technique) route the dry D.I. signal through a PODxt Pro for amp modelling and distortion and then through a TC Gmajor or TC MoneXL to add some delay and or reverb. Then the signal from the SM57 and or SM58 also routed through the TCelectronics unit for some delay and then mix all 2 or 3 channels to get the guitar sound I want.

Has anyone tried anything similar with good esults or would it be better to just stick to the 2 different mics technique?

Would much appreciate any advice before I consider spending some har earned cash!


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Fri, 12/02/2005 - 18:32

Why all the pre-tracking FX? ProTools has quality plugins that are non-destructive, allowing you to add your reverbs/delays etc... to taste after they're tracked and not spoil a perfectly good take.

Beyond that... your setup may be overelaborate but should work. Unless you're planning on reamping the "dry" signal through the modeler, you probably shouldn't be routing the DI through the Octo first. ie: Guitar --> DI (or A/B/Y box... it'd be cheaper) --> POD --> Digi002 IN.