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Tascam DM24.

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Hello. Just purchased a used DM24 for my home studio. Overall I've got to say it's really a wonderful board. I'm having one (fairly major) difficulty though and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Here's the issue:

All I'm tryng to do is record a signal (microphone) to my Pro-Tools via the DM24's TDIF(1) connector and return it to the DM24 via TDIF(2). Sounds simple enough. I've managed to get the signal to/from PT just fine using the Direct Outputs, but only in Post ADC mode. No signal passes if not in this mode, and along the same lines, no signal passes using ANY of the 8 Buses.

I've poured through the manual and even talked to a buddy who has one of these boards and we're both stumped.

Here's my setup/routing:

1)AKG 414 into Avalon Mic Pre into DM24 Line input Ch1.
2)DM24 I/O Ch1-16 Input Tab has Ch1-8 "patched" to M/L 1-8 respectively and the Return set to A:TDIF1 Trk1-8.
3)DM24 I/O Ch 1-16 Input Tab has Ch 9-16 "patched" to TDIF2 1-8 respectively and the Return set to B:TDIF Trk9-16
4)DM24 I/O Output Tab shows the following:
Output Signal section: Bus1-8/Direct1-8 points to TDIF1 Trk1-8
Bus1-8/Direct9-16 points to TDIF2 Trk1-8
5)DM24 Digital>Format>Multi I/O shows TDIF1 Output Bus1-8 and TDIF2 Output Bus1-8
6)Faders for Bus1-8 are at 0 (unity).
7)TDIF connectors patched to Pro-Tools 192 I/O #'s 1 and 2 respectively.

not sure what else to add at this point, as I said I'm new to this board and I've racked my brains for what it is I'm missing. Obviously the TDIF lines are not faulty because in Direct Post ADC mode I've managed to record to Pro-Tools just fine (also why I am pretty sure Pro-Tools is set up correctly to receive the TDIF signal). Can't understand why the Buses aren't passing signal. (or for that matter, why Direct only works in Post ADC mode).

If it matters at all, I can send pre-recorded material on Ch 1-24 from PT to DM24 just fine.

Thanks in advance for any advice


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stickers Wed, 05/03/2006 - 19:56
I have no idea how to correct the issue at hand but I will give you a BIG nelson from the simpsons "HAAA HAAA" while pointing my finger.

It seems like ever other week, we get people posting with the "PLEASE HELP!!" type post and you look at their joining date to the forums, its's the same day as their please help me post. :shock: