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Quantegy 456 Reel-To-Reel Grand Master Audio Recording Tape

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Still getting my Pioneer RE-909 Reel to Reel up and running as pictured here: the photo it's the one on top that is. The one on the bottom is an older 707 that needs LOTS of work and I'll get to that one later on.

Anyway, I am of the opinion that Quantegy 456 tape is probably my best bet for making some new recording mixes for my personal listening. I actually found what would appear to be BRAND NEW sealed Quantegy 456 tapes here at like forty bucks appease and I ordered three. They come 2,500 feet, 1/4", in the original box, then sealed in the original plastic wrapper inside so they would seem to be virgin brand new!

I was surprised to even find these new tapes available at all anywhere! Is this a surprise or are hordes of these tapes sill readily available? If not I better oder a few more for my stock. Anyone know?

TIA, John

Here's where I ordered them:
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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 05/16/2006 - 09:21
Quantegy tape

Hi there,
long time "holdout" of analoge myself here (a kick-ass sounding TEAC 880 8track 1/2 inch). The only place that I was able to buy tape here in Portland Oregon (large music community) was Brownell Sound. Unfortunately, it was $77 per 33 minute reel. So,
to off set this continually high price, I finally (last week) bought a Fostex VF160ex. I am so stoked to have made this conversion. It looks as easy as running an old 4 track cassette porta-studio. Plus, it sounds phenominal.
However, I have yet to record real acoustic drums. If it doesn't sound good, I will still record drum tracks on the analoge reel-to-reel, then dump it all on the Fostex VF160.

If you can find tape at 44 dollars, I say hell yeah, buy them all. Because from what I understand once it's gone...It's ALL GONE.


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RemyRAD Tue, 05/16/2006 - 23:01
Hey guys! Quantegy IS BACK IN BUSINESS AGAIN! Although there is a lot of "NOS" still available you are paying through the nose for it. I'm not sure about the European or Japanese recording tape but I imagine there is still at least some 1/4" and some 1/2" stock still being produced??

And yes John, the 456 should work quite nice for you.

Imagining myself in a bikini made from 456
Ms. Remy Ann David

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NewMedia Wed, 05/17/2006 - 03:41
What is "NOS", sorry for such a lame question? :oops:

As for the bikini, why not give it a try and post it for all us Reel to Reel fans?
.....just kidding, but what a great idea!!!!
.....maybe I'll try it? .....hmmmmm, don't think I have the guts! javascript:emoticon(':wink:')

Thanks Remy for adding all the great replies and you great sense of humor that keeps us all coming back for more!