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Evaluating A Cappella Mix (Plugin, Eq, Pan, layering)

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I am willing to share the production behind this bonus track from my recent album, "Deusa De MArfim".

No autotune and similar tools were used, all vocals performed by the same person.

Just layering of several tracks, going from 6 to 18 tracks., EQing and panning trajectories.

You may listen to it on here: "A.C à Capella"

You may also download the Top1/Top2 hit here in the south of Brazil and at "3XLove + Deusa De Marfim"

Nice sunday!


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Alécio Costa Sun, 05/21/2006 - 10:21
Hi David

If you examine the link, there is an option to listen to all the 8 songs at the page and download two.
Here is the list in there:
(special edited version free download)
3XLove+Deusa De MArfim
A.C à CApella
3X Love
Deusa De MArfim
heaven Knows
Pra Começar De novo
Vem Me dar um Abraço ( small sample free download)

Thanks for your interest. Also planning to put it on CDbaby or Itunes.
Maybe it could be a great idea to have such option here at Chris site?

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Alécio Costa Sun, 05/21/2006 - 11:48
here we go: Capella MIx tech stuff

Microphone: Neumann TLM193 (cardioid)

Cabling: Monster Cable XLR

a/d: Stock 01V96 V2 in series with Sebatron VMP2000VU

pre-eq: Deep switch on filter 2 Flat swicth selected on filter 1;

pre-comp: slight dbx166 compression (ratio 3:1, threshold -8dB)

Interface: Digidesign Adat Bridge 24bit model

Daw: Pro Tools Mix Plus Cubed, Mac G4 800 QS 1GB RAM

Monitoring: Alesis MK2 PAssive

Amp: Tascam PA150

Edit, rec, mix, mastering, performing on "A.C À CApella":myself

Plugins: Compressor Banks + LA2A + Waves (De-esser + Q10 + PAZ)
Digidesign Power Dithering Level 1

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Alécio Costa Sat, 06/03/2006 - 16:16

Most vocals used a slight subtrative EQ towards 230, 8k, a hishelf arond 5.3k and a HPF starting at 65Hz.

Most vocals were compressed with a setting like: threshold:-14dB, ratio 4:1, Attack:50mS, release:500mS.

BAss guitar and clean electric guitars also employed similar settings, having CB2 and/or LA2A as the most important plug-ins.

Most guitars were tracked with Amp Farm+Sans Amp. Also utilized Vintage Warmer, TC Chorus, Waves Q10 for subtrative EQ mostly.