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Need a good soundcard

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I Need to get a better soundcard for my studiorecording. So far I have used a simple realtec card, but I have experienced lots of this background noice, as the one you hear from your speakers when you turn the volume to max.
So could anyone suggest me a good soundcard?
It should have the best quality avaible, with midi, surround and all those things...
The price could go up to 300$

Thank you in advance ;)


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TeddyG Tue, 08/08/2006 - 12:48
Look at the stuff from Lynx.

I have a LynxOne, that I'll be upgrading to a LynxTwo, at some point(More analog I/O available in several configurations.).

If 2 analog channels are enough(Or 1 stereo), along with a digital I/O(You can run both digital channels and both analog channels at once - total 4 channels), the L-22, might be worth looking into. Less pricey than the Two's, newer than the One's. If you need more I/O, the Lynx Aurora's(Converters) can help, along with their other devices...

Sound card-wise, Lynx is about as good as it gets - they're worth their price and tech support is very fine.