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Shure Beta56 Vs. Audix D2

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Ok I have a budget of around 300$ for a pair of deccent tom/allaround mics...what do you think is better??
Shure beta56 or audix D2?? they are both in the same price range...but I have no expirince with anyone of them!!...
is anyone here exprinced with recording with anyone of them or both??
thanks a lot! :lol:
noam from israel


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21 years

Member Mon, 10/23/2006 - 23:05
Your welcome! Like Remy said though, one of the Beta mics, a regular 57 or 58 can work well also, and they can be used on many other things. Im not sure how versatile the Audix mics are, but i know people who are happy with them for recording. I have a D6, it's good on a kick, and maybe a bass cab, depending on what sound you want, but i probly wouldnt use it on toms, and most other things. An AKG D-112 though is cheaper, and i would say is alot more versatile then the D6, so that may be the case for the other mics.

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IIRs Thu, 10/12/2006 - 07:14
I never tried the Audix mics, but the Beta 56s are excellent for snare and toms, I don't think you will regret buying a pair. Their size and shape also makes them very easy to position round the kit: they are much easier to squeeze under a low-slung cymbal than a '57 style mic (especially once the cable is plugged in) which gives you more freedom to angle the mics to exclude spill...