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Help with a new DAW please!

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Ive been using:
2 x Xeon Dual-core 3.0gHz CPU,
ASUS NCCH-DL motherboard,
4GB DDR 400 RAM,
NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Graphics (AGP),
WinXP Pro servicepack 2,
RME Hammerfall DSP Digiface,
Nuendo 2,
Waves plugs

It randomly stopped working so I called up ASUS and they told me that the NCCH-DL wasnt compatible with Windows XP. :!:

Okay... So im going to start again.
I record mostly just audio.
Any Sugestions?


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Scoobie Thu, 10/19/2006 - 15:20
The only thing I can offer you on this , I would check with RME and your software company and see what they say. Go with something proven to work. Chip set on mother baord, ram ect. ect.............

I build my own DAW's. Do alot of homework before I buy anything. Don't jump on the leading edge. I always buy what I know will work with my interface and software. Let someone eles be the ginnie pig on the newest stuff out there.

Wish I could be of more help.


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Member Thu, 10/19/2006 - 15:24
Its a shame to start over the system you have seems extremly powerful. If this system was working under XP before and just went down I can't see it as an incompatibility issue. You could try take the memory out and take it to a PC place to have it checked. Also, depending on symptoms could be the power supply issue. Check all fans are running. Hope you find the problem. If not I guess its an excuse to upgrade to a new core2duo system.

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Member Thu, 10/19/2006 - 16:01
Cheers for the advise guys. :)
The memory thats installed is actually brand new DDR400. I have a Nexus 500W powerpack, all fans are running and the CPU's are at a fairly low temp.
Ive been looking around on forums for different setups but im really not sure what to go with. I actually based the setup that I have at the moment on a DAW i saw made by They have stopped making it now so i guess it wasnt stable.
Any advise on systmes that have been tried and tested would be nice.


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schizojames Thu, 10/19/2006 - 22:48
I have heard that while dual-core setups offer huge amounts of power, dual-processor setups offer a lack of compatibilty with a lot of audio (and possibly other) software. This may be the only problem. It sounds enticing to have that much power, but it would definitely corrupt you. Just get a single dual-core motherboard that can handle that much RAM (it would have to be a 64bit I think) and run as much DSP as you would ever need.

Especially with RME pci, your processor will not struggle... perhaps ever.

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RemyRAD Sat, 10/21/2006 - 09:02
I find it hard to believe that your machine is not compatible with XP??? If that is the case, it is compatible with Windows 2000 Pro. You may not need to use XP? Unless of course you have programs that require XP? Actually, I think you're speaking of operator error?? It's not that easy to build up your own working machine that works the way you want it to, unless you have purchased parts that indicate their compatibility?

What's that wire to??
Ms. Remy Ann David

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TeddyG Sat, 10/21/2006 - 10:49
1. The ASUS site says this "board may need special 3rd. party cooling" in some installations? When something in the machine gets hot it shuts down.

2. Dual Dual processors? 4 processors? Is this OK? I can see 2 seperate processors or one, single dual-core processor, but I just don't know about 2 dual cores(Way beyond me)? A quick glance at the ASUS site offered no "jump out" knowledge of this, with this board.

3. About the RAM. New or not, RAM sometimes just doesn't work - OR It only works certain ways. Why? I don't know, but it's happened to me... I'd at least try pulling the RAM sticks and re-inserting them(While you're in there, make sure everything else is "seated" - you've got ALOT of connections in there!), then try pulling them out, one at a time - even putting one stick in first one slot then the other slot. New does not mean "fine", neccessarily -- for ANY of this stuff! My machine stopped working, once, when a tiny jumper pin fell out. After reviewing the color pix in the MB manual and not remembering seeing the tiny "green" jumper pin on MY board, I found it, inside, on the bottom of the box, plugged it back in and - fine.

Unless I could find a definite "no go" compatability-wise(Won't work with XP? Yeah, sure. Tell me another one...), I'd keep investigating "why" -- Actually, I'd take the thing to someone who might know - like a local computer shop(While I'll bet the local shop doesn't see too many machines like yours(!) - a computer is a computer, etc.). Been there/Done that, myself, but, don't just start buying more stuff without knowing why - this time......