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Monitoring KRK x Yamaha

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Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a new pair of monitors with a afordable price, for a second new room.

I already have a Yamaha MSP10 pair in the first room and like it a lot.

Well, searching in the net, I've saw the new HS80m from Yamaha and the KRK RP8 (Rokit).
Both are 8" and bi-amped, but KRK have 140w and HS80 120W.

What is your opinion about this monitors, which is more trustable, etc.

Feel free to tell me about others monitors models!

Thank you very much.



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TeddyG Fri, 10/20/2006 - 11:50
I believe Yamaha just released some brand new speakers called the "Studio" series. Just something else to throw into the mix - I saw them on the Yamaha site the other day... can't find them available for sale anywhere yet...

I got the MSP5A's over everything else I heard. I'd be waiting to hear the new Yamaha's before I made a choice if I was buying now - but that's me...... I didn't pay much attention to the HS yammies, I thought they were kind've... embarassing... such a blatant "play" to look like the old NS10's... The new MSP Studios at least look more... modern, nice, I don't know.....? I wouldn't opt for an 8" set, if I could. If I wanted to get that big for mains, I'd look into 3-ways - or just try adding a "sub" for my 5"...