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Anybody using new MAC pro vs old Mac? like? dislike?

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I am still using a G4, and I am just curious if anyone is using the new Mac Pro with the intel chip. I like the G4, but I want to a new mac one for the speed (more tracks), but am a little hesitant because new components. I currently use Pro Logic and DP, may possibly use Final Cut. Would appreciate any feedback from experienced users.



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Guest Sun, 10/22/2006 - 00:23
I just got my Mac Pro 2.66 Tonight. I use Logic Pro. All I have to say is OMG!. This thing is frigggin fast. I was coming out of a Dual 2.0 G5 and this thing smokes it in Logic. I am so impressed with the proccessor usage.

I opened a Logic file with about 25 tracks of audio 7 Inst. Tracks including BFD and Albino which are proccessor hogs. I have about 25 Waves SSL Channels, 6 Waves Ren Vox, Space Designer a few Delays, SSL Compressors on Drum Bus and Stereo Mix.

On My G5 I would see about 75% on both CPU Meters. When I ran this file on the Intel They had 2 bars on 2 of the 4 proccessors. On the G5 I ran the Buffer at 1024 on Intel it was at 32.

I am sold. Now I f the rest of my plugs where Intel ready I would be sittin on top of the moon.

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gdoubleyou Fri, 11/10/2006 - 17:28
Go for it you won't be dissapointed. All of the benchmarks I have seen show that the Core Duo machines(even the mini) outperform last years dual G5 Powermacs for most tasks, when running UB apps.

So instead of buying one of the last G5s like I had originally planned, I picked up a Core Duo mini as an evalution/transition machine.

I'm convinced and I'm saving my pennies for a Macbook and a Mac Pro.

I'm coming from a 1GHz Powerbook as my main DAW, so the mini just smokes it.

The only cause for pause is the late arrival/repackaging of some of my vital plugs.

For some of them I use Auto Sampler to create EXS instruments, and I will
never upgrade them.

Currently on Logic Express and Live6, will be upgrading to DP5, and Logic Pro next year.

Be aware that If you own any of the apps contained in the Final Cut Pro Suite, Apple has offers an upgrade to the full suite for $199.
Offer expires the end of December.

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