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Hiqh Quality effects processor for live bass guitar

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Greetings all,

Firstly, I am a bass player only. I come here seeking advice, which most likely only those with your experience can provide.

What I need:

A high quality effects processor to use when playing my bass guitar live. It would include EQ/delay/chorus/compression etc.

I play a high quality semi-acoustic Renaissance bass guitar made by Rick Turner.

This bass has a piezo pickup system only with a custom 18 V preamp system. It uses Tomas Infeld Acousticore bass strings. These strings have a nylon inner core and a Phosphor bronze round wound exterior. These particular strings will not work with magnetic pickups and were specifically designed for this bass. This bass produces a very organic/acoustic sound.

I use Acoustic Image amplification systems.

The combination of this particular bass and amplification system provides an excellent high-quality expressive bass sound.

However, the endless search for the "perfect" sound continues. I would really like to not have a large array of separate effects pedals. So I am wondering if there is one specific effects processor that I could use to modify and enhance my live bass sound.

Would something like the TC Electronic Fireworks gives me the results I am looking for? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any information you may have.



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Tommy P. Sat, 10/21/2006 - 23:52
I noticed you hadn't any replies, but its probably because(as you know) most bassists don't use many effects, (just great fingers). It doesn't mean you shouldn't though, and especially so, with such an interesting rig. You can still have great fingers and use effects for bass, especially with music that is not mainstream.

For compressor, I use an EH Blackfinger tube compressor, which is a really sweet compressor 'cause its so subtle and "not there" when its engaged. It also can be set to do a smoooth smoooth overdrive that nails the tone George Harrison got in his "Nowhere Man" solo. Listen to the clips on this page, the first clip "Beautiful Tone Compression" is typical of one of my fav settings:

(Dead Link Removed)

Put the compressor into the delay/modulation and you're all set.
For about $400 you have all that you need, and trust me nothing TC Electronics makes comes even close to this combo.