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Weiss Saracon SRC

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Ok, I've had Saracon for the mac about 3 weeks now. Playing around with it. Sounds really good. Workflow is pretty straight forward. Select the files, select the processing, select the destination and hit convert. You can alter the buffers to work faster (more CPU) or tailor it to work more in the background. There are two versions available, lite and full. I haven't tried the PCM to DSD or DSD to PCM because i've never worked with DSD. So I've only tried the PCM to PCM. Also works great if you just want to convert format types as well, if you have a need for that.

On a G4, I'm clocking in at about 1/2 realtime at the slowest setting and at about 4 times realtime and the highest buffer setting. Pretty fast. Now this doesn't have to do with quality, just how much CPU is allocated to the task.

If you are doing a lot of SRC and you don't have two computers, like me, then this is nice way to get some good sounding number crunches. Haven't compared it to some of the other SRC's out there except for protools, I don't think I need to comment on the differences between these two.