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Recording Drums Advice

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hi, i'm a relative newbie to recording but i start a 4 year course in sound production next year so hope to get a lot more knowledgable about all aspects of it, i can wait for most info i'll learn about equipment and what have you but would like some suggestions on what piece of equipment i could purchase just now that would allow me to record each drum on its own track and what soundcard i would need to go with this

i'm currently using a behringer ub2222fx-pro which only has a two channel output which is decent enuff for what recordings i've done jst now but it restricts me a bit when i go to do the final mix and maybe the kick is that slight bit too quiet or the snare a bit too overpowering

i'm using Cubase SE just now but can upgrade if the equipment wouldn't be compatible with this, and i have an Audiophile 2496 sound card

i don't know what a reasonable budget would be for this but i could go up to £500 just now which involves a lot of skimping and scraping, if thats a bit hopeful any suggestions above this would be appreciated as it'll be a bit of an investment anyway for the future

sorry for the long winded question


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Scoobie Sun, 11/05/2006 - 18:49
"I don't know what a reasonable budget would be"........The Sky is the Limit!

You really need to get another interface to be able to record more channel's but..............I guess you could get another pre that would use your S/PPIF input to be able to record 4 channels. 2 Overheads and a Kick , maybe a snare.

That's if you can use your 2 analog in's the same times as your S/PPIF.


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gdbob Wed, 11/08/2006 - 13:05
cheers for the reply, it was suggestions on a different interface i was looking for, a friend was telling me about the Presonus Firepod which could be an option seems the best price i can find at £340 i think it was just, i couldn't find any others with 8 XLR mic inputs so seems like thats the one, cheers again