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Computer Recording

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What are the basic things that I need to do computer recording?


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Croakus Tue, 11/21/2006 - 08:57
Actually, the Akai 4 track really was my first exposure to recording. I borrowed that and a couple SM58 mics from my guitar teacher and recorded all my originals at the time. On a couple I bounced the tracks and layered guitar, bucket percussion, and some harmony vocals. I printed up J cards and made tapes under the name, "Bayou Self Productions." The name seemed funny at the time.

To be honest, it probably sounded better than the junk I do on my computer today.

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RemyRAD Tue, 11/21/2006 - 09:19
ODT_ENT, I don't know how you expect to be a recording engineer/producer, label mogul, when you aren't listening to anything that people are telling you here??

Your old laptop is now your business computer. It is completely inappropriate and insufficient to utilize for audio recording purposes on a professional scale.

What you need to do is go out and purchase yourself a new dual core AMD/Intel machine and order 2GB of RAM!

Your operating system will be Windows XP Pro. Forget about VISTA. It's not ready for prime time yet and won't be for another year to come.

You cannot run Pro tools, unless you have an audio interface already designed to run with Pro tools, otherwise you are lying about having Pro tools and if you're not lying, you can't run ProTools anyhow? And you don't really know what you have? Which will necessitate a purchase of some real audio software such as Sony's Vegas, Magix Samplitude, Adobe Audition and if you happen to purchase an "M-Audio" audio interface that is ProTools compatible, it may even come bundled with ProToolsLE.

So bottom line, be prepared to shell out approximately $2000 for your new laptop and audio interface. Then you can start to think about making recordings in a professional manner, after you purchase microphones, headphones, cables, speakers, etc.?

Can you hear me now?? Good.
Ms. Remy Ann David