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How do they do this effect.

How do they get this effect on the vocals.
its a song called "Now They Wanna"
Effect is on the chorus
"Now you wanna be down with me, but back then you used to clown on me..."
I know its not a talkbox, and I do vocoding and it isn't that. I tried melodyne, no luck.


pr0gr4m Thu, 11/30/2006 - 09:09
Actually it can be done with a vocoder, although that's probably not what they used in that song. Ever hear the song "Believe" by Cher? It's loaded with that effect. Go here: (Dead Link Removed) ... and follow the link in the last post to see how they did it for that song.

Another way I've heard of doing this is by using AutoTune. I don't have/use autotune so I can't tell you exactly how to use it to get this effect. But what I understand is being done is Autotune is setup in a way so that when a singer sings a note and "bends" (is that the right term for singing) up to the next note, Autotune considers the "bend" to be off pitch and corrects it, causing that pitch stepping effect. There must be some sort of tolerance setting in the program that allows you to set when it does this. Again, I don't use it so I don't know any of the specifics.

Dozer Fri, 12/01/2006 - 12:33
Well I dont know if you guys Know what Melodyne is, but I mentioned it in my first post above. I have that. Melodyne 3 to be exact. It blows AutoTune out of the water. I also have Sonar 6 which has V-Vocal, which also blows auto-tune away in my opinion.

I am a master of Auto-Tune, well I understand and know how to use all of its functions and a similar effect can be gotten useing a fast Retune Speed.

However I can get close to the effect of the one used in this instance useing Melodyne 3 or the V-Vocal in Sonar. Useing formant shifting along with Pitch correction.

However this effect on Jon Youngs vocals is different. Its in most of his songs. I know its not a talkbox cause its so subtle. Doesnt display signitures of a horn driven talkbox, or so it seems.

No one ever seems to know for sure. I messaged him on myspace an he said that "they like to keep it a secret" In my message to him I asked if he was using Melodyne or AutoTune, but he wasnt sopposed to tell me.

I will keep trying and if anyone has any other Ideas.

I have read the article a long time ago about how the Cher effect was done. I am familiar with that, I can get her effect easily.

However if you listen to Jon Youngs vocals with the effect, It is constant. NOT a simple pitch correction here and there.