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In need of advice for this recording

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Hello fellows, recently im traking a friend of mine who wants to come out of hanging around on clubs and singing his heart out until 5:00am, he is definetly not quitting his bum habits but iam trying to make him a record.
Hes got a voice, but to temperamental for the mic sometimes.
This is just plain simple guitar which he also is performs very temperamentaly, but the chords are there , and plain voice. I did a little mix down, and I wanted to have some critics of the sound that we have reached.
Guitar and voice are bothe recorded witha a shure ksm27, to a focusrite Voice Master Pro(with just the phantom on, everything else off, no compression, no tube). Then to a tascam 1884. I recorded 96.000Hz, and 32 bit float for the traking. then exported to 44.1/16bit for the mix(is this helpful?)

Even though I mixed it a little bid, i feel the guitar a little in the back, and the voice to upfront when it gets hot. Im having a little trouble with the sound Im getting from the voice, it sounds squash, even though no compression was used on the recording. It does have a little bit on the final mix, with lots of chorus. I think im somehow missing the warm sound I could have from his voice, its sounds like dry.... ANY HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE THE LINK


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Member Wed, 12/06/2006 - 18:17
THANKS A LOT! SevHeaven, at first the voice track was a little behind on gain, but I brought it up and started feeling better. Also I took some of the heavy breaths out. I took your advices on the EQ, and it really made a difference. Took the chorus out too, too much. I boosted the compression a little harder and its all going in other direction, a better sounding one of course!!!!
Thanks for the time shared, I really appreciated

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Member Mon, 12/04/2006 - 20:59
It sounds like it was tracked with the singer about 3 feet from the mic.
It would have had better character if he was closer in.
If re-tracking is an option, I'd do again closer.

I think it's salvagable though in it's existing state.... here's what I would do:

1) Compress it a bit harder - It's still a bit "jumpy" for my ears.
2) Add some very small ambient reverb - with about 140 ms of pre-delay to thicken it up.
3) If there was a seperate mic for the vocal, I'd generously boost around 90-100Hz on his voice. That's where the warmth is. Push that area up on the EQ and you'll see what I'm talking about. I didn't hear too much boominess from the guitar, so it won't be competing.
4) Gently cut (EQ) his voice at around 1KHz. (A lot of energy there now)
5) Get rid of (or lighten a lot) the chorus on the guitar - it's very distracting at the beginning. I initially thought something was wrong with the audio. I really like the acoustic sound other than the wierd effect.

Give that a try.