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Studio Amplification

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Just wanted to get some general advice.

I am running a Samson Servo 170 amp and it just doesn;t seem to have enough juice. I am running Dynaudio BM5's and Yamaha NS10's and i run the power amp flat out.

I use the monitor level on my desk to increase and decrease volume.

Now i don;t mix at 110db but when i want to turn the music up listen back and see what it sounds like the noise floor of the amp seems to become audiable.

What are the best practices for studio amps.

Do you use a Powerfull amp and tickle it or do you use a lower powered amp and drive the nuts off it.

I understand that they need to be matched up with the power output of the speakers but i just wondered what the optimum setup would be.

Any recomendations for pro studio amps. Not liking the samson.




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Kev Wed, 12/06/2006 - 14:54
are you sure it is the noise floor of the amp ?

sometimes noise can be aggravated by the way you have connected a balanced output to a non-balanced output

I haven't googled the Samson Servo 170 and I don't know what desk you have,
so I could be way off here

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Kev Wed, 12/06/2006 - 15:34
I can't see that this amp is noisy

85W into 4 ohms is a little light when you want good level and still lots of headroom

for listening to compressed and maximised music it will be fine but for early in the recording proccess and for uncompressed material in general,
it will be a little light.

this is where some control is required
some desks have an output attenuator (rotary switch) that allows for the varied levels of a couple of channels all the way through to a full desk of channels

It's all about gain structure

The Rane site has some good articles on this.
Get an old Crown Amp manual and see what they have to say about connections and level setting.

the 170 has
Balanced 1/4" TRS inputs
Unbalanced RCA inputs

have a CD in inputs 1 and 2 and set for a healthy to strong level at the output
now bring up the 170 pots to the loudest you can stand without clipping.

mute channels 1 and 2 (with all other channels muted)

you should not have noise to speak of