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who uses digital boards here?

Let us see how many members use a digital board for recording/mixing tasks.

I divided brands in numbers so you may specify models also.

(1) Behringer gear

(2) Yamaha

(3) Tascam

(4) Roland





RemyRAD Sat, 12/23/2006 - 09:24
Well let's see?? I have used the SSL Axiom, which was in credibly complex and in credibly comprehensive but didn't work on it long enough to get very comfortable.

Lately I've been doing some mixing on a TASCAM DM24. Almost as complex and comprehensive for this $1,500 no longer made, digital console as its $250,000 SSL rival, as long as you don't mind mixing with 1 finger at a time? Of course, you can automate the entire mix, when locked with the recorder/computer.

I still think most of the microphone preamplifiers suck on these digital desks but I think most microphone preamplifiers suck? That's why I use API and Neve as my front end, whenever I can but I've made some awesome sounding recordings with those horrible TASCAM microphone preamps because it's not what you've got but what you do with it.

Zippy and Snappy my favorite digital artifacts.
Ms. Remy Ann David