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Guitar Rig 2 troubles

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I'm setting up Guitar Rig on a mono channel and sending my guitar through a DI to my MBOX to Pro Tools and I can hear both the distorted sound and the clean DI sound. I dont know if anyone has had a similar situation or could give me a hand. I'm sure its the dumbest thing too, hehe. Thanks.


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Kev Wed, 12/27/2006 - 12:16
and what is the problem ?

... you don't want to hear the clean DI sound while playing ?

the M-Box has that mix control on the front panel
this allows you to hear the input directly to the headphones ... hardware monitoring idea

Guitar Rig is a plug ?
this gets applied once the signal is inside PTLE and then gets fed to the headphones.

So I think on playback you will hear just the Guitar Rig sound
given that the plug remains on the track insert.

I could be way off base here .... :(