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Recording and saving on PC

I'm putting songs from my minidisc onto my computer by recording them through a line in, I just want to check a few things.

What bit-depth should I record at? I asume the higher the better with the best being 24 bits?

What format should I save the tracks to? I will be putting them on an mp3 player once they're on mycomputer, so would .mp3 be the best? The choices it gives me are mp3, RAW, WAVE, and WMA.
Saving under WMA says its better than CD quality so maybe that would be better than mp3?

Thanks for any help, Rich.


Boswell Wed, 01/24/2007 - 11:16
zemlin wrote: You are correct - your only option for getting audio off of the MD is to re-record it. Direct digital transfer is not an option.
Wrong! I transfer all my minidisc material to PC using a digital optical link.

None of the portable minidisc recorders produced in the last 12 years have optical outs, but almost all the minidisc decks do have them. I happen to use a Denon DM1000, but all except the basic Sony and Sharp decks have optical ins and outs.

zemlin Sun, 01/21/2007 - 12:47
The "best" format depends on what you're going to do with the files. WAV is "best" because it's uncompressed - no loss. If you value disk space, MP3 or WMA would both be options, depending on what you'll play them back on. iPods don't do WMA, so MP3 would be a better option if there's an iPod in your pocket. Also, WMA and MP3 files are chock-full of options that will effect the sound quality and file size in the end - you can easily turn up lots of info online about bitrate and other encoding options.

Boswell Sun, 01/21/2007 - 15:14
You are suffering at least two degradations of quality - one is the digital-analog-digital re-digitization of the signal, and the other is the conversion from the ATRAC format of the minidisc up to PCM and then down to MP3. You may find that it is the first of these degradations that has the most effect on the quality of the result, and you could cut it out by getting a minidisc deck that has an optical output and feeding that directly into an S/PDIF interface on the computer. You can pick up used decks like a Sony or Sharp or Denon quite cheaply.

Although a minidisc stores data in the compressed ATRAC format, its output is 16-bit 44.1KHz (like a CD). If you go the digital-digital route for transferring your recordings to a PC, you do not have to worry about bit depth or re-recording level, since these will automatically be the same as the original minidisc recordings.

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 01/21/2007 - 16:37
I thought you couldn't do digital - digital with minidiscs? or is that just through USB?
I have both spdif and optical inputs on my sound card, so a MD deck with optical out could record streight to the optical in? would I use the same program as before (creative wave studio) or would I need to use something like open MG jukebox?